Rihanna Feature

Dear Torben,

Until now I have not been using the “Rihanna Feature”. Would you be so kind to provide me a list with all the valid input in order to make this work?
From the forum and from the debug log I have found that “and”, “&” and “feat.” are working. “vs.” and “ft.” don’t seem to work.

In addition I would like to suggest that there should be a difference between “and” and “&”. As mentioned somewhere on the forum “Earth, Wind and Fire” should be considered as one artist in my opinion, where “Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand” should be seen as two artists.

Thanks in advance!


All case insensitive.

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Thank you!

Would you mind adding…

  • pres.
  • intr.
  • vs.

to the list?

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Or make it fully configurable with the existing ones as preset?


Yes, the more I think about it…

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If so, would you please consider a difference between “&” and “and”?

A idea for the 7.2 or similar?