Activation Server Changes September 2019


due to changes in the internal server structures, and finally implementing the GDPR requirement to use encrypted connections all over the place, we are changing the server addresses that are used by the activation and license retrieval functions in the License Manager built into your software products.

We have released new software versions today that reflect these changes:

mAirList 6.2.2
mAirList 6.1.13
mAirList 6.0.11
mAirList 5.3.17
mAirList 4.4.13
AIRCAST 6.0.11
AIRCAST 5.3.17
Audio Logger 1.3.7

The old servers will keep running for a while, but please make sure that you are running one of the compatible versions before your change/activation your licenses the next time.

If you cannot update to any of these versions for any reason, please use manual activation through the customer area on the website:

Users of mAirList 3.x must use manual activation through the website from now on, as that ancient version does not support any SSL/HTTPS connections at all.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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Hi Torben, hope all is fine.
I use 6.1.13 but as I read I can not do the software update as before…
I notice your info above but for me (dj and no ict guy :wink: I want to ask if there is a easy way to update my software to 6.2… Please let me know.

Thx in advance. Jo.

Simply download mAirList version 6.2.5 from here:

…and install the software. The integrated license manager will help you to activate the latest version on your PC.
You can import the configuration from version 6.1 automatically.

Hi UliNobbe,

I allready did BUT : activation State says NO LICENSE FOUND/?

? what to do?


Please contact support [@]
Tell us in your mail the name of the account you tried to log in the customer area (not here in public, please!).

We will check the data in the customer area.

Great, I will Thank you!!


Little late but after your great work it all wordks fine.
One problem, I did NOT make a backup before I deleted the old version… Luckely I had one at my spare harddrive :wink:
Anyway, up and running with the latest software.

Thank You!