Script for adding a new element saved in a unique folder to several date time in the week

We have several weekly radio shows which are added a several different date time in the week.
For the moment the operation is manual, after synchronisation the Element is drag and drop on each different hour.
As the files are placed at several date time, I think that either Events scheduler nor Edit Hour Template are able to do it.

Do you have recommanded functions and scripts in order to add those radios shows at several time code ?

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There’s a simple and clever solution to this: Variables in filenames.

I made a short tutorial for timing elements, but I think this will point you in the right direction…

Thank you Stefan for all your advices.
I added “External Items” at all the different times for all the shows. And drag and drop the shows in the External Item New Item windows. That optimise a lot of manual work.

But each week the shows are different. I tried replace and erase all the files but it doesn’t refresh the playlist automaticly. We need to regenerate all the different hours for the new week.
Is there a simple way to refresh the playlist with the new shows without regenerate mini-scheduler ? …Because it will delete all the unique non-regular sounds added manually in the playlist.

Thank you very much in advance !

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AFAIK the variable is processed when the player is loading the file and not up front when generating the playlist (because elements may change after the generating happened)…

Did you try to load a test playlist (with recent variables for the testing hour) and see if the playlist changed?

By the way…

There’s a new function started in 7.0 that might be a better solution for you instead of using variables: Events - use latest file in folder (scroll down to see more Info: :slight_smile:

You just need to add an automatic container to your database and include it as an element in your hour template instead of using an element with variables…

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I have the version 6.3.11 so it won’t be possible by the Automatic File Container.

In the previous link there is a check mark “Try to reload playlist when content change”. I think that it would be a solution but is there in the version 7. also ?


I have the version 6.3.11 so it won’t be possible by the Automatic File Container.

In the previous link you’ve sent there is a check mark “Try to reload playlist when content change” proposed in the capture.
I think that it would be a solution to regenerate playlist automaticly after each changes in the files. But I don’t have that checkmark in 6.3.11. Is it because it is in version 7. also ? Then I will need to upgrade.

Sorry to disappoint you: It reads “Try to reload PLAYER when content changes” so this is completely different… :wink:

Just to repeat:

That would be the only solution.

To be clear: As far as I understood the “Use latest file in folder” with automatic containers is working the same way like elements with variables. It looks for the latest file in folder (or whatever you set as condition) not until the player is (pre-)loading the element.

I HIGHLY recommend to update to the last version 6.3.22 - your’s is as of May 2021 :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and there were many improvements in function and bugfixes made since…

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Thank you for your help.

Could you help me writing the script to regenerate the minischeduler for a specific hour at a specific day ?

//Example for time between 10h00 and 11h00 :
CurrentPlaylist. generate mini-scheduler (from 2022-10-28-10 to 2022-10-28-11)
Automatic Saving
Remember decision and Replace playliste

@Torben @Stefan_Hillen : Is there a Delphi Pascal function for regenerating the mini scheduler ?