Events - use latest file in folder

Is it possible to create event in Events for inserting file with some variables, like “use latest added file at this folder” so the automation would use always the recent file, or maybe even if there are todays show and it is re-broadcast, to have option “-1 day” or something like that?

In mAirList 7, we introduced the the Automatic File Container for that.

Great! Can you please help me - where can i find Automatic File Container?

It’s in the Insert dropdown menu of the playout. Also available in the Add menu in the DB library, so you can add and use these containers in your library and scheduling.

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Great function (and didn’t knew about this new feature yet).

That alone is worth the upgrade to v7! :heart:

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@Torben is there any way to add this kind of file in Events or in Hour Template?

Yes. Either via the new “External items” block in the template editor. Or you can add the container directly to the library and use it via “specific item”.

Hi! I have made all changes in all our templates, but I have a special support needed - in same folder, weekly, we have 1st and 2nd part of the same show - how can I define in Automatic File Container to select (on wednesday) 1st part and on second day the 2nd part?

Also, if I generate the playlist for whole month with those weekly shows in playlist, will it change the file on playlist weekly or it will write the playlist for entire month with the latest show(s) that were in Folder in the moment of generating the playlist?

@Torben thank you for this answer so much :slight_smile: