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Greetings to all,

as a fresh mAIRlist user, I would like to ask you a few questions. Some question can be strange from me, but Im migrant from MacOS to Win, only due to mAIRlist software.

  1. Do you have any application where music library can be managed in the best way, in the sense of mass automatic normalization, or editing of metadata, id3tags, album art, etc.?

  2. Please, how do I set the program to dynamically remix songs in auto mode? Lower AutoCue values? I have -12dB… I understand that this can be set individually for each probe, but in the previous auto software on mac (Radiologik) it was able to set it individually for all songs in the archive at once, as well as the way of premixing, here my song will end and then the other one will start, I would like to have it more dynamic.

Thank you



Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Please DON’t do that in a software outside of mAirlist because it is already capable to analyse every file separately for the individuell loudness. And all of it is non-destructive and doesn’t change the file!

Set the wanted loudness in the configuration file before importing songs and mAirlist will change the playout-volume of a file according to the analysed loudness automatically when the file is loaded in a player.

There’s a free tool called mp3tag - I prefer to use MediaMonkey (Version 4, not 5!).

As this is not mAirlist related I suggest to search in blog posts and google to find out how the tools are working. :wink:

It depends on your wanted loudness level and you need to try out which settings are best for you.

I set the loudness to -23db and the fade-out cue to -7db. Using a 2700ms fade time it sounds good FOR ME.

This totally works when you have set the loudness, analyzed the songs and ran the songs through the auto cue process.

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Thank You very much, for Your Quick answer!

I will do that, as You suggest.

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Please, can You tell me, where exactly in the settings, can I do That? In AutoCUE?

How can I do that, while I broadcasting? I need to stop broadcast, close program and open Configurating tool, and do all changes there, so after that I can start program again?

Im really sorry for stupid simple question, but Im simly person, and I ll be really thankfull for simple answers.

Thank You


My Auto-Cue settings:

Settings for normalization:

For these changes you don’t need to stop broadcasting - you can open it right from the playout window. :slight_smile:


Thank You very much :pray:

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You’re welcome! Hope you have a lot of fun with this wonderful software! :slight_smile:

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Thank You Stefan, I know I will!

Please, if I do make change in settings, like changing the levels in AutoCUE section, it will be active and functional immediatelly for whole music archive, or new tracks only? do I have do something special, to applay the settings to whole library?

Thank You!


Only for new imported songs.

If you want to apply changes for already imported songs mark them all in die database window, right-click and use mass edit:

Screenshot 2024-02-26 111240

Then re-cue:


Perfect, that is exactly, what I have looking for!

Thank You very much Stefan

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Hello Stefan,
once again I would like to thank you very much for your quick and professional help. Thanks to your recommendations, I have managed to set everything according to my ideas.

Please allow me to ask you about one more area that I cannot solve even after a rather detailed study of the resources on the Internet and on the forum.

When streaming via icecast and shoutcast subscription servers, I can’t set the stream to also display metadata and track covers, although they do appear in the mairlist.

This should be done either by sending the data via ftp server, or by “encoding”, which I am an absolute amateur at.

I don’t know if you will be able to help me with this problem, but if you do, I would be extremely grateful.

With much respect, gratitude and appreciation


Hi, it’s not possible to send covers directly within a stream. All the players on websites etc. will use different sources like the image databases from Deezer, iTunes etc. to search for a suitable cover whenever the song info has changed.

Another way would be to upload the covers to a server and let the app or website-player display the related covers by using a script. But this will only work on your own website/app.

It is much easier to send the correct metadata i.e. “Artist - Title” within the stream so the chance that a player/app displays the correct cover is as high as possible.

In the metadata log section of the encoder the variables

%a - %b

will deliver Title and Artist when they were saved correctly for the title.

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Hello Stefan,

Thank you again for your excellent answer.

My hardware setup is a bit complicated.
If I stream directly through the encoder in the mAIRlist, it all works. Integration of the output sound processor via StereoTool also.
But my master audio from mAirlist, passes through the winamp dsp plugin of StereoTool, passes through the master output and goes through the recording tascam device to the hardware sound processor C4 from Angry Audio and after final editing goes to the dev broadcast DB01-TX through which I stream it to the internet via radio hosting

This setting logically interrupts the artist - song metadata signal and the transfer of the artwork.

For a long time I’m trying to find a way to get this information to stream to the hosting, so that if it’s with a relay, it’s streamed with audio.
I know it’s complicated, but there must be a way to solve it.
I don’t want to disconnect my hardware audio end processor from the relay just so I can stream the metadata and album art.
Some setting is possible in the DEVA streaming device, but I have no idea how to set it up and so far no one has been able to help me.

If I’m bothering you, please forgive me, just write one word and I’m done.

Thank you.



YOU should INSTANTLY remove the image with your password and log in credentials


maybe @uli.mairlist is faster…

Thank you, I didn’t realize that.
The password is changed, so hope, itdoesnt make a issue…

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Maybe your search is over. We solved this problem with another user’s DB91-TX and you can read about it here:

(I already forgot about it but it was the first that came up in google with the term “db91-tx forward metadata” :sweat_smile: :rofl:)

Please give feedback if it solved your question too.

Perfect work, I did the Shoutcast logging only, but get the log:


Please post a screenshot of your logging settings (without PW :-D)

:rofl: :sweat: :zipper_mouth_face: :see_no_evil: :pray:t2:

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