Separate shoutcast metadata

Hello there,
I need I little help with the metadata, I am using a deva broadcast DB91-TX IP encoder, to have a HE-AAC stream to shoutcast, but since the mairlist is generating the metadata, i am now without…
Does someone know a way for me to send the metadata from the mairlist at same time as the encoder, and to the same address? Like send the audio via the encoder and the metadata via the mairlist?
Thanks to all in advance!!!

Please stop cross-posting your questions in different languages.

Did you try the logging option in the configuration?[]=logging#logging

There’s a way to send metadata to shoutcast available too :wink:

Thanks for the answer Stefan, it is just that i am not very familiar with this process and it can be really complicate, i did not knew where to start… And since the German part of the forum seams to be more active, i had try there too… I will now check the shoutcast logging.

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Hi Julio, no problem at all. mAirlist is full of features and can be overwhelming at first glance. So most of us started a little bit confused :wink:

Please don’t forget that this is a forum mainly supported by unpaid volunteers. So you may need to be a little more patient than just eight hours to get an answer, I suggest. We try our best to help everyone. :slight_smile:

So let us know, if it works for you now with the metadata!

yes, i undestand, and thanks again for the support,

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Hello Stefan,
I set the shoutcast under logging, but it still not working, is there something else i should

do? Also, i check on the forum and i saw that maybe i have to configure the HTTP GET, but here, i did not manage to find the info as the links on the answers are no longer working, could you please help me with this?

Hi Julio, did you get any error messages in the system log after installing the logging and starting the next song?

(If not, you maybe need to activate all filters for the system log:)

Hello Stefan,
I did not check it, i will see later back home! So here i will see if it is sending or not, or witch erros…
Thanks a lot,

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Yes, that’s the best way to fix some errors for us here instead of just “guessing and messing up” :wink:

hello Stefan,
I try many things, but in the end it work out only with the shoutcast, after a restart…
So now the titles are updating ok,
The log is a bit weird, it show the start of new song, but also connecting, the lost connection, i guess it is trying to update but has nothing to show until next track?
In any case, i am happy as it is,
Thanks for the support,

Hi @julio,

it looks like mAirlist tried to connect two times everytime a song changed.

Do you use both loggings (Shoutcast and http-Post) still at the same time?

Yes, i think that at the time i was trying the http get… And I think that it was the issue, it has disappear now…

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Great it works for you now!