Music library management

Dont have a clue, what can be a problem…still the same message, Protocol field is empty… the same message if i try to get http link instead

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Hello Stefan,
Many thanks for sending it to me, it looks interesting!!!
I will see a bit this week what is about and if it can work for me, meanwhile, I am using my Deva DB91-TX only to send the audio stream, then using the Logging function on Mairlist to send the metadata to the Shoutcast (via CentovaCast) which is working fine for me. I am planning to use de Deva as a shoutcast server, and not pay for a shoutcast server, as I was doing with my Barix instreamer, but I have an issue with my internet, it is a 4G cell SIM which I use in a modem, so I can’t open ports… But as soon I get a proper internet connection, I will see to put it on practice, and check if this solution can work for me, to send the metadata together with the audio, it would be great!!!
I will probably get back to you when I will do this,
Many thanks for the tip!!!


I want to thanked very much to Stefan and other, or helping me, now my biggest issue is gone!
Solution was logging and adding a full ip adres of the server with “http://”