encoder queue overflow

Hello, I’m using mairlist 6.1 and D&R Airlite.
Since a few days I get encoder queue overflow. It resumes in a sound that is stuttering.
What may be the cause of this problem. Buffer size increased to 1000ms but the problem won’t go away.

Habe das selbe Problem, bin wieder auf die 6.0 umgestiegen, da gibt es diese Probleme nicht.

Viele Grüße


“Encoder queue overflow”?

Hello Torben, for your information, the problem encoder queue overflow starts with encoder write timeout.
Problem solved already. The problem came from streaminghostingprovider, one of the servers had problems.

Ok, thanks for the feedback.

We are experiencing the same error right now.
These errors repeat every minute or two:

28.01.2020 20:09:25 Warnung      Encoder write timeout
28.01.2020 19:21:06 Warnung      Encoder queue overflow
28.01.2020 20:04:22 Warnung      Encoder connection died
28.01.2020 20:04:22 Fehler       Encoder-Verbindung abgebrochen: Fehlercode 0. Neuer Verbindungsversuch in 10 Sekunden.

Might also be our stream hoster.

Or “somewhere” in the internet along the route between you and the hoster.

It is a well known Problem of Broadband Coax-Cable connections, as it is here in place, compared to DSL. Due to the structure of the Nework, you share your bandwidth with your neighbors. If some of them are using up the bandwidth, you just get much less bandwidth available, that is way below your contracted bandwidth. These cable providers are also all known to sell more bandwith, than their network is capable of providing.

Unfortunatly the same architecure is built for Fiber-to-the-home by deutsche Telekom, if you are not going for Busines contract on fiber.

So especially for Vodafone/ Kabel-Deutschland, such overflows will just happen from time to time.

As I know the architecture at 674.fm, I’m pretty sure this was not a Stream-Server Issue.

V-DSL is just the same, Outdoor-DSLAM with 96 ports of 100MBit/s DSL lines sharing a 1GB/s fiber uplink :slight_smile:

As I said, this kind of connection issue can be much “deeper” inside the Internet. Talking about backbones and stuff.

Broadband Coax-Cable is still different, than the DSL sharing. On DSL, at least the bandwidth between your modem and the Outdoor DSLam is guaranteed and not shared.

On Broadband Coax and the home-fiber products even the cable bandwidth between end point (Modem) and the next uplink (similar to the DSLam) is shared over all connected customers to this cable.
That makes a big difference to DSL and a huge disadvantage for broadband cable and home-fiber.

So, if there is a choice I‘d always chose DSL or business fiber. At least here in germany.

…and ultimately everything shares bandwiths in the backbones. And if some carrier screws up his BGP config, you get the “encoder queue overflow” error and come here to the mAirList community to complain :wink:

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