Beginners guide to voice tracking

Hi Torben - is there a beginners guide to voice tracking please?

Do you remember a thread you started 10 days before?

Your question there was nearly the same like today:

… and you remember the answer?

If there is a special question, please let us know.

Regards, Uli

There is a dutch YouTube movie where a dutch guy (in dutch) explanes how to voice track.

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Is there someone in the mAirList community present who can make similar video tutorials on general topics? Would be very helpfull for many (starting) users, I assume.

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Yes - it would be very useful. Thanks Henk - unfortunately I doh’t speak Dutch :see_no_evil: But that would be very useful if I could understand it lol
And Adriaan - I also would like that. At the moment I’m pretty paralysed to be honest. I know exactly what I want to do - and I assume it’s very easy once you know how - but I really am stuck as to how to do it. I’ve used mAirList before but that was at a radio station doing live shows so it was all set up for me and easy to operate.
I’m trying to voice track some shows to send to stations by myself and I’m completely lost. :weary: It’s very frustrating.

Would you (and other users) prefer a Wiki guide (which is a bit faster to realise) or a video?
I don’t think that Torben has enough time to create videos - especially, regarding the different options…

  • working with a mixer (special case: D&R Webstation, Airlite & co.)
  • using a USB Audio-interface
  • recording with a USB microphone only (not having a headphone output)

Creating videos published by mairlist GmbH need some special questions to be answered, like platform to publish, music to be used (copyright? CCL?) etc. - I think, a wiki entry is faster to setup.

Do you remember?

Here are the next steps:

  • Click on play of track A
  • When you want to talk, press the record button of track M.
  • Click on play of track B to start the next element.
  • Click the check mark on track M when you are ready with the record.

Please test it and “play” a bit with it in the meantime.
Thank you for your patience.

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Dear Uli, as you can see in your quote, I am turning to the mAirList community, not Torben in particular. I realize Torben and mAirList GMBH are in this topic not the most suitable candidates :smiley:

It has been proven that education through video is much more efficient than through Wiki or other written content. This is especially true for the young people among us, the Millenials. So again, maybe a member of the community is willing to make a video in which a subject is dealt with in outline. Personally, I am very interested in deepening the topics of voice track & music scheduling. And I’ve read and tested all the content available about this topics already…

With respect for the topic starter,maybe we have to split this topic. Now back to “Beginners guide to voice tracking”.

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Video is always better.
You See what needs to be done (even if You don’t speak the language) You See the order of things. Whene I started mairlist I diddent know how to voice track but the video helpend me.

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Good morning guys :blush:Personally I’m happy with anything that lets me do what I need to do! :joy: I’m not fussy. There are certain advantages of video- but I realise producing these are extremely time consuming!
Actually Henk you’re correct. I can look at the video you suggested and see what’s being done and Uli I’m going to try your steps - although when I tried last time I wasn’t seeing any sound waves in the Voice Track Recorder pain which leads me to think I’m not set up correctly :see_no_evil:

You don’t See the wave. How did You conect the microphone?

Mic is Xlr to mixer - mixer connected to Windows laptop via USB (Mackie Profx8)

And the signal that mairlist receives as mic input is the usb signal from the mixer?