Artist Group Seperation


Cheeky request, but it could save hours of hard work…

Would anybody be so kind as to post up a list of their artist separation groups that i could import to help with scheduling…

I’m referring to the part where you’d put rules into the scheduler that’ll separate John Lennon as a solo artist from The Beatles etc…


When it comes to the separations and the penalties, whats the difference between track and title…?


is the higher the number in the penalties the tighter the rule… i.e. an artist separation of 72 hours with 5 penalty points will strictly enforce that the artist doesn’t come around again for 72 hours?


  • Track
    … is the special combination of artist and title, e.g. “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)” by Phil Collins.

  • Title
    … includes cover versions, where the title is the same but the artist may be another one than in “Track”.
    The title “Against All Odds” is chosen / picked when the artist is Mariah Carey (1999) or Montell Jordan (2001) and so on. Then it is marked as planned for all “Against All Odds” in your database, according to the rules of the mini scheduler.

Automatically translated by Google from the german manual for mAirList v4:

If the Mini Scheduler does not find a track that complies with all the distances, it will choose a track where both conditions are “as good as possible”. To do this, he multiplies the number of hours the title is used “too early” with the penalty points given here. The title is chosen, which has the fewest penalty points. The parameters can be used to influence the decision of the scheduler.

I’m not sure if this is really relevant for mAirList (there are many other discussions on music, like cover versions, instrumentals for music beds, movies (OST) and TV themes etc.).
There is so much music around the world with different groups, solo artists and different names on one artist (what about Prince?), so this would become a very long discussion / thread. Just think about special know-how on french, italian, spanish, german, brazilian artists… :thinking:

If so, I would like to do this in a separate section of this discussion board, but I’m still not convinced of this idea.