What does your Mairlist look like?

Directly at their’s, see in the comments:

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So, finally! I found the root cause, for the problem, that I had with my browser Colors.
There is a setting in the mAirlist Config under GUI->Browser, that says: Do not use Windows Explorer colors.

I totally missed that option.

It is always so nice, just do things right, and they will work.

Hallo Morris, Mooi screenshot, waar wijzig je dit nu in mAirlist?

Is er bijvoorbeeld geen complete look die te installeren is?

Niet van Mairlist uit maar met de wiki kan je bijna iedere look maken.
Maar dan heb je het wel zoals jij het wil hebben, en je kan in dit topic ideeën opdoen.

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:netherlands: Vertaling (van Google) hieronder

Hi Eric,

please look for the skin.ini in the directory

C:\ProgramData\mAirList\[version number]\config

The file is created automatically from version 6.2.2 on. For earlier versions I have a description (in german :de:) here:

Hallo Eric,

zoek de skin.ini in de map

C: \ ProgramData \ mAirList \ [versienummer] \ config

Het bestand wordt automatisch gemaakt vanaf versie 6.2.2. Voor eerdere versies heb ik een beschrijving (in het Duits :de:) hier:

Hallo UliNobbe, heb alles geprobeerd in de config, maar kom daar niet uit.
Kan jij mij helpen hoe ik het kan wijzigen, en hoe een .ini bestand te maken?

Je moet verder naar beneden Geavanceerd/ Data mappen en dan de config map daar zit een tekstbestand skin.ini en die moet je bewerken of vervangen door een andere skin.ini

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De screenshot laat me zien dat je versie 6.2 hebt. Welke precies? 6.2.2 of hoger?

Ik hou erg van sin.ini. :rofl: (sorry)

Serieus: het bestandstype mag geen tekstdocument zijn, anders werkt het niet.

Vanaf mAirList v6.2.2 wordt skin.ini automatisch gegenereerd als de configuratie minimaal één keer is opgeslagen.

The screenshot is from a demo, until You said that mairlist makes a automatic skin file I diddent know.
(use my own skin from version 4)
I through this was the automatic skin file You meant :smiley:

Hallo Ik heb 6.2.7, en idd het werkt met de skin, bedankt nu nog maar mijn pakket upgraden naar Pro :grinning:

Misschien een lastige vraag, maar zou je de skin.ini willen delen?

Nou Thanks het werkt, het wordt steeds mooier.

Hi Eric,

switched language to eng, please use Google Translator or another tool. Thank you.

Interesting to see you try to copy the colours I used in my first attempts. I’m still working on it.
Latest screenshot in the german section, see here:

I have done oher changes meanwhile, it’s not the actual screenshot.

Hey @UliNobbe ,

I will reply here to your message in the English topic.

I saw in your own design that you had adjusted the buttons. I had read in older topics that you could change buttons using a .png, and I thought you changed it this way.

I tried to change this with the “extended button”, by changing the name of the png to “SENDUNG”. But this did not work. I also wonder if the gradient option applies here?

Thanks in advance!This text will be hidden

When you are talking about this: Buttons (modified) instead of Buttons (original) - you are right.

Yes, the buttons have their names and when you want to change them, you need to create a folder named images in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\mAirList 6.3 (or the corresponding version number), place the new design there and give the buttons the name where they should be used.

In this example it is…

  • button_pause.png
  • button_start.png

Unfortunately, there is no full and actual list of all buttons that can be changed. I will list them in the Wiki / Reference when I have the time to do so.

Some button names (and corrections from earlier names) can be found in different threads here in the forum.

The extended button is something completely different.

Thanks UliNobbe. In the meantime I have also found the names for the other buttons.

I am working on a dark skin myself. And I know what you are going to say, yes it is very similar to omniplayer and this was also my intention.

What do you think?


Where did you find te Grey player buttons. I look for it for years.

Ps looks great

Just cut them out from some screenshots and edited them a bit. Nothing special.

I have another question. Is it possible to have custom buttons icons for the states their in. Like button_start_Active.png or button_start_InActive.png. I already tried but without succeed.