What does your Mairlist look like?

One of the best features is the possibility to configure the look of the software to your needs and the options are endless. The idea behind this post is for everyone to post a screenshot of the design/look they are running, so we can all get ideas how to customize our screens.

I will post mine tomorrow when I get to the station.

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This is my Look and Feel…

Screen Mairlist.png

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Still working on it


This is mine


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Here’s mine, not gone too crazy, but this is screen grab of the on air system for Sumo Radio.

I like your text script box Allan. Nice idea.

And here is mine :slight_smile:


Cheers Matt, it saves sheets of paper.

How did you get the album art? That is a neat trick!

Not a trick, Control Panel -> Playlists -> Playlist 1 -> Check “Show Album Art”.
Make sure the Album Art is stored within the music file. It doesn’t show the art always though, if the filesize exceeds a certain amount the Album Art won’t show.


How do you guys get your layout pics posted here?

Take a screenshot, modify when necessary, save it to your desktop, click Attachments and other options below the message and select your pic.

Thank you

Here’s mine.
3 players and also a cartwall. Cartwall not pictured though.


After some days of playing around with the ini-file this is the result so far:


Nice. I’m aiming to go for a multi cart setup when I do my studio re-build, as I’m aiming to get a D&R Airence. I’ll also be doing the same for Voice FM here in the U.K, when I re-build there studio’s this year.

Here’s the latest “build” :wink:


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The “Final” build:


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Brush aluminium neon look, nice.

New Skin.


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