WASAPI problem with D&R Airlite


Today I rolled back from Win10 to Win8.1 for stabillity reasons.
I have installed mAirList6.1.3 using for the audiodevices WASAPI.
I use a D&R Airlite mixer.

This is the config:

Audio settings WASAPI:
Mode: Shared
Sample rate: 44.100
Channel Count: 2
Buffer Size: 50 ms
Update period: 0

Audio Devices:
Default devices:
Playlist 1
Player 1
Player 2

When I close and start mAirList the buttons on the cartwall start blinking red and the following message appears:

6 error(s) occured during initialization:

Error loading cart player 5: BASS_WASAPI_Init: BASS error-1
Error loading cart player 9: BASS_WASAPI_Init: BASS error-1
Error loading cart player 1: BASS_WASAPI_Init: BASS error-1
Error loading cart player 3: BASS_WASAPI_Init: BASS error-1
Error loading cart player 4: BASS_WASAPI_Init: BASS error-1
Error loading cart player 2: BASS_WASAPI_Init: BASS error-1

When I change one of the players from WASAPI to DirectSound I do not get this error.

Does anyone have an idea what is going wrong?



Looks like the infamous D&R USB audio problem (not enough USB bandwith in WASAPI mode). Some fixed it using DirectSound instead. Some resorted to an external USB soundcard :-/

Could it be a sollution to connect only the cartwall to an external soundcard and all others to wasapi or directsound?
Or will this create other problems?

Ok that did not work. The freez/repeat problem is back at the cartwall. Same as I had with the D&R Airlite earlier.
I used a Behringer soundcard.

What would you advise me to do?

I have this problem with my D&R Airlite and Windows 10 since the beginning. WASAPI not working / instable, only using DirectSound.

Whats the difference between Wasapi and Direct Sound??? I am using now direct sound on my webstation.

Actually DirectSound doesn’t exist as a “system” anymore in recent Windows version (Vista and later), only as an API. Internally, everything is routed through WASAPI.

I think the main difference is that DirectSound uses 16bit samples while WASAPI uses 32bit floating point data, so it has half the data rate.

But you should ask D&R about the technical details (they are aware of the problem).

We have more or less the same issue with a airence. Most issues went away when we changed to 48kHz. sample rate.
Not sure why but it helped.


I still had the problem from time to time.
Last week my pc died and I had to replace it by another one.
With this PC I do not have any problem with the cartwall anymore.

So the conclusion is that it was a hardware related problem of the pc.
I now have all channel running via WASAPI on the Airlite.



I guess then I must have the same PC as the one who died >:(…

As the Airlite is getting more and more interest, and it seems to have some known “USB issues”.

@Adriaan, maybe it is worth to study your setup more detailed.
Would you share what mainbaord model you have, BIOS Version and OS?

Also Houbies old and new setup would be interesting.

For the job that pays my rent, I’m recently working on some USB related stuff. I’m kind of keen to figure out what happens here with the D&R Hardware.


Very irritating…

It has been a while: did a 3 hour live show this afternoon. During this time the connection between mAirList (PC) and Airlite was lost 4 times >:( . I guess I need a new PC…

@Houbie (Hans) Can you please specify and post here the hardware configuration of your new Personal Computer? Or other mAirList/ Airlite combi users who are NOT facing USB connecting problems?

Thanks in advance.

Info about current PC configuration in attachments.




What ist this Synology Virtual USB Hub doing?
Did you try to uninstall that?

I’ve added a small usb2 board to my onair pc (this one to be exact https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B002RL8V7E/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) . The first signs are positive.
No more studder on the jingels ad TOTH and the jingel board now works without a error message on the resources.

I contacted D&R Support as well. They advise me to change the USB cable.

I will do and try this weekend.

Maybe the magic is happening…I changed USB cable and USB 2.0 port.

Did a 2 hour live show: no problem at all! ??? Using DirectSound, that is.

Used WASAPI today…works like a charm!