Tutorial for Customizing Main Interface

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I’m looking to customzie the skin of mAirlist (as in the image). I’ve looked on the Wiki page - but a lot of this assumes one has a knowledge of coding.

  • Is there a template of some kind that can be added to the mAirList.ini file?

In addition I want to assign hot keys to trigger Player A, Player B & Cartwall.

  • How do I do these please? :thinking:


The image shows (nearly) a custom standard layout. The only change I can see is the number of cartwall players. You can change them in the configuration, look at “Cartwall”.

You don’t need to change the mairlist.ini. :slight_smile:
If you want to change positions and sizes of the objects, please use the Layout Designer from the Windows menue of your current mAirlist version.

Colours and fonts can be changed in a text file called skin.ini (which must be created manually). You don’t need to learn coding; simply follow the rules in our skin.ini reference.

EDIT sorry, mixing up words

This process is specified in the manual (version 3.1, indeed, but same procedure as this year’s version) – chapters 7.7.1 and 7.7.2 are these you should pay attention to.

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Thanks will definitely have a go at this :smiley:

That’s the issue Uli…the rules aren’t “simple” :wink:

The only thing You need making a skin is Patience.
The only thing You do is search a color.
Search for a html color picker in Google. If You click on a color You See a 5 digit number copy that and paste in the line You want to change. Like Uli said its no rocket science

Are there any premade skins for Mairlist where you can just paste the premade coding in the skin ini?

Actually: No, there aren’t any.
This is because some people only want to change one or two small things, other (like me) change the whole design. Additionally, the screen objects added to the playout window may vary from user to user.

A premade skin or anything like a template wouldn’t help.

You will find some code examples in threads like this:

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