Templates for hour restrictions

Would it be an idea that administrators are able to create several hour restriction ‘templates’? wich are easy to select while editing a song?
For instance a song should only be played during specific hours, the admin can create a ‘template’ and then have a dropdown selection in the database next to the hour restrictions?
This way the hour restrictions are much easier to handle.


Before I became an employee of mairlist GmbH, I had the same idea in January 2019.
See this thread in german :de:: Profile für Stunden-Einschränkungen

Torbens answer:

(“I can only recommend trying virtual folders for this use case.”)

In the meantime, I share his opinion - not, because I’m paid for, no! But now I’m convinced that I was wrong three years ago…

I do use a lot of virtual folders and it is great to use them for scheduling, Not a big fan of using a lot of hour restrictions, but it seem I do have to work with them for a radiostation.
As i Said somewhere else. was just think out loud :upside_down_face: