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I’ve had this need for a long time. I’m sure I’ve asked this question before but never got a satisfactory solution. That’s why I’m trying again: my internet radio station runs 24/7 non-stop in Auto Moudus. Works like a charm. Based on a post from @UliNobbe , I have Player 4 running during non-stop. Player 4 is routed directly to the encoder.

A few hours a week I want to make live radio via my D&R AirLite, connected to Player 1 - 3. The encoder then takes the line input. When I switch from Auto to Assist, the broadcast stops. If I restart mAirList, it works immediately. How can I fill this need without interrupting broadcast? When possible automated?

mAirList version 6.3.18 Professional Studio.

Hi Adriaan, what edition of mAirlist do you use? Professional Studio?

The answer is in the original post.

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Okay, missed that on the smart phone, sorry… :sunglasses:

I’m guessing you’re referring to this thread… (?)

Here’s a simple solution:

  • Change the player count of your existing playlist so it will only use ONE player for the automation, route it to channel 7 (use this playlist for automation so you don’t need to change all the events!)

  • Use a second playlist with 4 players for the manual / assisted mode, route them to Channels 4,5,6,7 (< yes, channel 7 too!)

  • Link the Master OUT of the Airlite to the encoder

Change your Layout to one small playlist window for the Automation and a bigger one for the assisted playlist with all four players

Whenever you want to do a live show just set your automation playlist to Assist and wait until the song has finnished (or use the fader knob of channel 7) and start your live show.

When your live show is done just open channel 7 again and start the automation playlist.


  • You can fade out the automation really smooth if needed and you don’t have to change the audio routing everytime you want to go live…

  • you can prepare your assisted playlist independently while the automation is still running

This, of course, only works when your Airlite is powered on all the time. But I wouldn’t power it off if windows is still running anyway due to the possible loss of sound card configurations then…

Thanks Stefan, that sounds like a possible solution. Airlite is always on.

I created the second playlist, but how do i get it in a separate window? I use a setup with one computer and two monitors, Play Out is on the left, Cartwall is on the right.

Hi Adriaan,

did you try to use the “Layout Manager” to separate the lists, decrease the size of the automation PL and place one player below it (as you only would need one for the automation)?

Another option would be to show the Playlist in Tabs, configurable in the configuration…

BTW: It’s possible to stretch mAirlist to two monitors if it’s not running in full screen mode.

When you opened it and sized it for your needs you can easily position both playlists and the hardware across two monitors.

I did this too because I wanted to place some cartwall part on to a touch monitor and needed to fill the space above with the browser…

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Good afternoon @Stefan_Hillen,

Based on your suggestions I created 2 playlist, both in a separate tab. I made a small adjustment: in playlist 1 I route the only player directly to the encoder, not using the AirLite at all. I just ended my live broadcast: everything went like a charm!

Thanks for your tips, very usefull.


Great we could help you! Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile: