Switch audio output by script problem

Somewhere in the forum I found this (old) script to switch an audio output for a certain player:

  Instance.GetDeviceConfig.SetSingleAssignment(adtPlayback, 'Player0_0', 'WASAPI:{}.{88c47e81-19af-4772-a821-dede8f60ad2d}');

The wasapi settings for the wanted outputs were found in the devices.ini file:

Output 1 - WASAPI:{}.{88c47e81-19af-4772-a821-dede8f60ad2d}
Output 2 - WASAPI:{}.{2aba6525-4b10-4ced-bc7f-112175525396}

I have made two scripts so each output has its own script.
The idea is to switch player 0_0 audio to output 1 when ON AIR mode is active and switch to output 2 when OFF AIR mode is active. Now I made in the configuration the ‘when entering on air mode’ action to run the script for output 1 and the ‘when entering off air mode’ action to run the script for output 2.

When mAirlist starts this error pops up:
5020 Outputswitch error

Perhaps I am using a outdated script or is there some issue when loading this script in version 7 (Beta5020)?
Perhaps there is another simple script for making this work?

a small notice:, I have used this when running an instance from the Multi Instance Manager.
Also I was not sure if I should place this post in the version 7 or script part of the forum

Try this instead:

  Instance.GetPlaybackRouting.SetSingleAssignment('Player0_0', 'WASAPI:{}.{88c47e81-19af-4772-a821-dede8f60ad2d}');

This Script is working in version 7