Start next wont work with a container

I have set a (negative) start next point in a container, but mairlist ignores this point and only starts at the end of the container.

Anybody knows if there’s a secret to make mairlist use this ‘start next’?

Can you give more information / screenshots on how your container is setup? Its difficult just by this information to check what is happening. Like, where are the cue points? in the audio files, or in the container itself?

Here’s more information.

The container.

And the only file in this container

The file is updated every hour and differs in length. Therefore we’ve chosen a next-track piont depending on the end of the file/container.

Please let me know if there’s still something missing for a diagnosis.

Thanks for looking into this issue!

Since the length of the news is different every hour, the cue points can cause problems. mAirlist can process these for you itself.

You do not have to create any cue point in the news file (ie the bulletin supplied by
Under the Playback tab, select ‘Do not prebuffer’.

For the imaging files you put in your news container:

opener - place the Cue in, Start next (This is where the newsbed is started) and Cue out in.

Music bed - place the Cue in, Start next (This is where the news file of is started) but NO Cue out as you don’t know exactly how long the news lasts.

Closer - place the Cue in, Start next (This is where the next item in the playlist is started) and the Cue out in.

Furthermore, make sure that the ‘Do not prebuffer’ is also selected for the news container. You do not set any cue points in the news container itself.

You will see that the container is played completely tight every time.

Because the file length is variabel, we use a backtime, so the play next is -0,5sec from the end.
This should work, but even if we set it in the container and the file itself (or just one of them) the container is not allowing overlapping in playout. So we can place as much as files in the container, but in the end we will have a potential white space.

I don’t use any news imaging or beds, so its just the file. After the file it differs is there’s a commercial container or the toth.

So I can’t put more inside the news container.

So why do you use a container anyway?

Like Tondose writes, why use the container if u only play one file without imaging?

Instead of using play next in he news item, try the ‘Preroll’. Not in the news file, but in the next playing item. Playing next is a ‘hard’ time given on your item. Preroll is variable

In container playback, the container will automatically set its “outer” Start Next marker so that it matches the Start Next (or Fade Out) of the last “inner” (content) item of the container.

So the correct approach is to set the marker on the last content item.