New cue point 'Preroll'

Today I found a new cuepoint; ‘Preroll’
After trying and testing, I just can’t figure out how mAirlist handles this new cue point.
I hope @UliNobbe or @Torben can explain a little on this new cuepoint because I can’t imagine it is there for fun :wink:

When set, the item will be started earlier so that it arrives at Preroll by the time the previous item reaches its mix point (Start Next or Fade Out).

Example: Cue In at 0:01, Preroll at 0:06 - item will begin to play 5 seconds early.

You should be able to observe the effect in the Mix editor.

Important: It only works in containers at the moment. Will be ignored when the item is played individually.

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So this might be the solution for the upbeat („Auftakt-“) issue i invented some months ago?

Looking forward to apply this on individual playout.

Great I’m going to try it too :smiley: