Soundcraft RM 105 fader and remote hardware

Hiya, I have a Soundcraft RM105 desk and I want to go with Mairlist but I need some up to date help on how to connect it so the faders connect to each cart and the remote starts on the desk work as well. I know I need some sort of interface that goes into the PC but no idea what. Thank you :slight_smile: Nige

For the community: Old, but…

Who can help Nige to bring it together with hardware in the year 2021?

Thank you all!

Actually the Pin assignments are all in the publicly available User-Guide.

I gave it a quick view only, so I’m not sure if there are any optcouplers built in if this is a potential free switch or if you should wire these external.
Basically you need to wire the Machine start pins of the DB15 connctor with one of the cheap Arcade zero latancy game controller pcbs.

Brilliant thank you! Ok so I’ve ordered this and sort of see how it will work, trace the ground then use the other pins as the start? Does that seem to make sense? :slight_smile:

Not sure if you went for the right item. Usually they look like this:


Ah damn, I just looked for a game controller so what do you suggest I search for?

Something like this here:

(Randomly selected, there are dozens of similar offers around.)

Well, I ordered what you suggested and soldered it all up and it works perfectly so thank you for that :slight_smile:

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