software freezes for 25 to 30 sec when voicetracking from home


one of our dj’s that voicetracks from home has an issue.
When the software has to get audio from the studio for his voicetracks it freezes for almost 30 sec.
When you select the 2 tracks and clicks on the VT track icon you get a error message in the top of the application screen (not responding).
After 30 sec the VT screen comes up and it works.

Other Dj’s do the same from their home and dont get the issue. Therefore I point the issue to his internet or pc but the connection seems stable (and fast).
I’ve disabled his firewall sofftware thinking this could be the source but nothing.

Somebody a suggestion on how to solve this?
His pc is about a year old and runs on win10. CPU load and memory are very low.

Locate the mAirList.ini file and edit in a text editor. Look for the [Options] section, and add the following line:


This will trigger mAirList’s internal freeze watchdog after 10 seconds of non-reaction. You should see the infamous “The application seems to be frozen error”. Click Details, then send a bug report. I will be able to see where it is stuck.

Just got a message from the DJ. It works again like before. I’ll get back to you if the issue comes back. Thanks for the help.