Soft Attribute Filters

And now for something completely different…

When adding an item into the music template, the filter section became more advanced.
In 6.3 you were able to set ‘Attribute Filters’, but now the ‘Soft Attribute Filters’ are there:

When adding a ‘Soft Attribute Filter’ a new pop-up opens where you can place some info. Maybe mAirlist is able to check a attribute and if none of the items is matching, the scheduler looks into an alternative attribute. Or you are able to set a standard with exceptions?

I Hope there is some info already about how mAirlist is working with these ‘Soft Attribute Filters’? or maybe Torben or Uli can give a very short explenation about the fields so we can test and experiment this new feature!


Looks very promising! In the German part there has been given some explanation about this new feature:
Weichem Attributefilter

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There is not really a very clear explanation in that topic, but what I understand is that Uli will write a good explanation in due course.
So we will have to wait patiently and meanwhile we can start testing with trial and error. :blush:

Sorry, remote support here at the moment. Come back later, thanks. :wave:

take your time. I guess the function will stay for a bit longer. :wink:

Just wondering if there is already a short guide for this function available? I’ve been asked for it by a few people already and I have to admit, I am still trying to understand this feature well myself.

Is it a soft attribute for this specific item (I guess since it is in the item configuration) or does it look further into all items in this template?
For example: is it possible to have a maximum of 2 items in a specific language when scheduling the template with this feature, or is it more complex?

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Have you ever received an explanation about this topic or perhaps seen a manual/explanation somewhere?
I’m currently trying to use a “rating” attribute and think maybe this should be used for this? I want to set songs with a rating between 8-10.

Thank you in advance for your message.

Basically you specify an attribute (name) plus two or more values, along with a “weight” (e.g. percentage).

A simple example is if you want 70% English songs and 30% Dutch, so you would add “Language” as soft attribute filter with “English” (weight 70) and “Dutch” (weight 30).

Everytime the scheduler passes this rule, it will generate a random number 1-100 and when it’s 1-70, choose an English song, and when it’s 71-100, choose a Dutch song.

In the long run (Law of large numbers - Wikipedia) you will and up with roughly the desired mix.

There are a few special cases that have to be considered, especially when you have more than one soft attribute filter at the same time, e.g. “50% Rock/%50 Pop”, and there are no Dutch Pop songs (just an example)… Then the scheduler must drop one of the filters, which is controlled by the Priority.


Hello Torben,
Thank you for your explanation about this new feature. This is a really important addition for radio show scheduling and will certainly help me with this! I will read the wiki for some background information.

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