Skin omniplayer


Sometimes u see a skin in Mairlist that looks like omniplayer.
Has Anyone a file of This? I am learning of Mairlist.

Thanks and a happy New year!

What is Omniplayer?  

Omniplayer is radio automation software, in use by a lot of Dutch national radio stations.

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Hi Jasper, I’m afraid that just copying a .ini file won’t work. The correct operation of a skin depends on several variables, among others which monitor you use.


Can I maybe help you with our skin?

That is a very nice skin!

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Just curious, how do you use the players with letters? B seems to be jingles, A and C tracks to talk over (beds?).
A and C have the same tracks it seems. So when presenting a live show, how are the different players used?
Looks very nice indeed.

We use the “main” player for playlist and automation breakpoints, as we use the Axia IQ console.

We operate the mAirlist with commands on the console so we use the A, B, C, and D for a live program or DJ Talks and the playlist with all jingles and ADS breaks goes on player 1 with playlist 1 (see example of playlist in attachment). The players A to D is single players with their playlists.

The current setup is; player A - beds, player B - general program jingles, player C - jingles for specific shows on-air, and player D for some tones for news or other program elements.

For news beds we use the Cartwall with additional “log info” for news and for RDS-TA info to turn it on or off, depending on beds that are played.

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Thanks for explaining Franko!

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