Second screen

We are planning to apply mAirlist to live studio and programm on 1st October and I have Q about second screen;

  • primary screen have resolution od 3440x1440 px and the second would have 1920x1080 px - how can I mirror to second screen part with main playlist so co-host can have info whats playing next?

You can do that in Windows. Windowskey + P and click on duplicate. But this will duplicate to all screens. If you want just one screen (and not the 3rd) to duplicate you need hardware.

This was asked for sometimes over the years as a feature request. I would like at least to have a second playlist window as a screen object too that can be placed on an extended monitor and mirrors the main playlist.

But this external software might be what you’re looking for. It mirrors parts of a screen to another monitor and adapt it to the resolution too:

Or you can use the „studio monitor“ script of one of the forum members. It can be adapted to your needs easily: