"Scratchy" and "Jittery" audio

Hi I am using a Delta 10/10 soundcard and I have a problem that seems to have started recently.

After 3 days of continuous playing in automation the audio starts to become ‘scratchy’ and ‘jittery’.
A simple shut down of mairlist and re-opening the software seems to fix the problem.

It has been playing fine in automation for about 9 months and seems to be a recent problem.

Does anyone know what causes this?

I recall seeing other posts that mentioned the Delta 1010 had issues. You could probably do a search to reveal those issues.

EDIT: I found this post. This should get you started.


Best Regards, Alec

Second Post:

Are you running XP? If so, you may also wish to check your driver version. Currently, the most stable driver for the Delta series is M-Audio recommends this driver regardless of the service pack. If you do change drivers, M-Audio requires that you update drivers BEFORE you seat the PCI card. That is, you’ll need to remove the PCI card, update drivers, and then reseat the PCI card. These instructions are directly from my conversations with tech support. Here is a link to the driver; scroll to bottom:


Best Regards, Alec

When you say it is a recent problem, does that imply that it started when you upgraded to a particular mAirList version? Or did it happen all of a sudden?

Hi all,

Thanks for your posts.
Just checked and it is a 10/10LT soundcard and I am running the latest driver as listed on their website.

Yes it does seem to have started since I upgraded to 3.1 but I have rolled back to 3.0 to see if that cures it but to no avail after 3 days of playing the audio is not right.

Here is a link to a sample of ‘scratchy’ audio…

This is quite a mild example but if I leave mAirlist running without a restart it will get progressivly worse.

…and I just found this back from the logging of a slightly more obvious problem…



I don’t know whether this is a driver issue, but I can tell you my experiences with M-Audio. I was using the latest driver listed on the website as well and had freezing issues (I’m running XP Pro). Tech Support told me to use the driver that I mentioned above, even though it wasn’t the latest one. I questioned the advice, given it seemed strange to roll back, but they assured me that M-Audio was recommending the driver as the most stable for most sytems. I installed the driver and enabled the ‘independent’ option. Problem solved.

I’m not recommending that you should change drivers to solve this particular issue. It’s just something to think about.

Best Regards, Alec M…

Hi Alec,

How strange, okay this is something I will try then. Anything is worth a go.
Thank you for sharing your help, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

This issue has come up here so often now that it’s practically an FAQ. :smiley:

Yes, it appears that M-Audio’s latest drivers for the 1010 card are ‘broken.’

And from all previous accounts: yes, the fix is to downgrade to that specific driver, reboot, and set the ‘independent’ option on the M-Audio control panel.


You’re quite welcome. And it’s strange that M-Audio continues to offer newer drivers but then tells folks to downgrade ???.

I said this before but it’s worth repeating or you’ll have a major headache. You must REMOVE your PCI card BEFORE you update drivers. Update the driver and then reinstall the card. Also, as Cad said, set the ‘independent’ option.

I don’t know whether this fix will work for you, but it did for me ;D

Please let us know the outcome. I do hope it solves your problem.

For what it’s worth, the next time I purchase a card I’ll be looking at something other than the M-Audio Delta series. There have been just too many reported problems with these cards related to the drivers, and there are other cards available without these problems. I really like the Marian cards. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for :slight_smile:

Best Regards, Alec

… and I believe a certain Herr Doktor has done some testing work with some of the Marian cards as well? :wink:

But be prepared for an English manual which seems to have been translated from German to English via Japanese. :o


I own a Marian Trace D4. It’s great, but…

  1. It won’t survive a system standby mode, sound stops working after resume. Known problem, but no fix.

  2. There aren’t any 64-bit drivers, although they haven been announced for two years or so. “coming soon” is all that Marian says.

Pretty disappointing, because it’s a great product otherwise.

I’ve seen the Marian Trace 8. Looks like a nice card. A little pricey but nice otherwise.

Chris, we had same issues but it worked for us after first bugs of mAirlisit 3.0 were solved together with an installation of the newest M-Audio drivers (as mentioned before) with the newest Bass.dll.

Best regards

Hello Chrisskinner-

Just curious whether the driver change solved the problem?

Regards, Alec M.


It has solved part of the problem, however after a few days of continuous playing I am getting occasional ‘static’ style glitches at either the start or the end of some files. I have opened the files in an editor and all seems fine with the audio, it just appearing when playing through mAirlist.

Can someone just confirm which version of driver I should be running to get the best from a M-Audio Delta 1010LT card with mAirlist please?

Gotta love this soundcard! :wink:


Unless the very latest work well, I had to roll back to the XP SP2 (not SP3) variety. I’d have to check, the machine is at home. It has the Independent option available which makes the multi-channel behave. Haven’t tried latest to see if plays nice with latest BASS.

Yes, provided you’re running XP, this driver is the most stable for XP. (it’s listed under XP, SP2). I learned this after I had problems and tech support directed me to this driver.


Remembr that you must install the driver BEFORE you seat the card. Thus, to update you’ll need to run the new driver to uninstall the existing driver version. Then you run the driver again to install the driver WITHOUT the PCI card installed in the machine. AFTER the driver is installed, turn off the machine, install the PCI card, and then turn the machine on. The new card will be recognized and then the installation process will complete.

Also, glitches could be caused by other issues on your computer, perhaps unnecessary services are on (wireless, etc)??

Please let us know how it works out…

Regards, Alec M…

Umm, I didn’t need to uninstall the card to roll back drivers. Has been behaving well since roll-back. (sounds like an Asda/Walmart commercial :slight_smile: )

“Sounds like a Walmart commercial”

That made me laugh :smiley:

Lucky you. The instructions I listed are those from M-Audio tech support. I followed them to the letter only because I didn’t wish to introduce an additional problem.

Best Regards, Alec M…