Printable HTML playlist - adding time

Is there anyway that the printable HTML playlist option could include the time (the 2nd column in the playlist i.e. the projected time the item will air like 11:03am, 11:07am, 11:11am etc) instead of or as well as the 1st column # sequence number.

It’s for a blind announcer who prints the log using braille, I have been sending him a log using the custom text file but that is extremely time consuming to take that text file and manually add the heading for each hour of the log. Could this be added in to the printable HTML? It is pretty standard for printed logs to contain the time the item is expected to play.

We had this discussion a few days before in the german section of this forum. The solution was a plain text log (from v6.3 on, there is one logging variable more; public beta is available and will leave beta status this or next week).

Is html the best for braille or would plain text do it as well?

I’ve been using the custom text file for a couple of years now with logging variables, however, I have to manually add a heading to each file. The HTML file works fine for braille. Could the clock time column be added to the html file?

Just thought I would check in with this again, is this not possible?

It is possible, of course, but it needs time.
Torben is thinking about a kind of template with variables to fill in. Nothing ready at the moment.

What about the (relatively easy to accomplish) method of having a variable to append the contents of a textfile, like


This would make formatted output a lot more flexible.

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Thank you - much appreciated

Shouldn‘t it be possible to export from mAirlist in a kind of CSV style, than display it as a web view with a bit of JavaScript to print?
Or even keep it on the screen or a tablet for the co-host.
Probably even reading original mAirlist playlist files, (as it is xml if I‘m nor wrong) should be possible.