PostgreSQL setup issue mAirList 7

I have this issue when I have created a database in postgreSQL and want to connect from mairlist 7. According to wiki I should select mAirListDB (networked, PostgreSQL backend, but that option is not available in my mAirList 7 Advanced Server version.
I can select Internet client instead, but then the options are different from the wiki, and I cannot find a way to avoid the Socket Error - # 10061 connection refused.

See attached screenshots.

Any support for how to connect to the Postgre SQL database are appreciated.

Direct connection to SQL isn’t available in the “Advanced Server” Edition.

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Yes, that’s true. Please contact for a crossgrade.
Thank you.

Thank you Stefan. I can see that. I just didn’t thought about Advanced server wasn’t able to do server stuff. What the heck!
I’m having trouble getting the normal DBserver working stable, that’s why I tried SQL. A friend of mine said, that DBserver isn’t good for multi clients. At the moment I can’t connect from the client computer and I have the Advanced Home version. First I had the wrong IP adress for the radio, so when I changed that to the correct one, it worked for a few days, then it won’t connect again, socket error 10060. I double checked the IP adress at the radio, and it didn’t change. Can’t figure it out.
I hope someone can help me out. Thanks!

It may be a firewall issue even after some time of successful use… Did you allow Port 8040 (if non-https) incoming and outgoing?

I didn’t do anything in the firewall, just in the router (8840, 9840)
So you meen I should do rules in firewall both incoming and outgoing?
BTW. Is it true, that DBServer can be reason to crashes?

But DBServer isn’t a replacement for a networked database, is it?

I‘m getting a little bit confused…

What‘s your setup? Advanced Server on a hosted windows Server with a local dB and you‘re trying to connect from another mAirlist Instance to this database?

Good question…

I’m not sure what the term “hosted windows server” meens, but we installed the advanced server at the radio station on a regular computer (windows 10 pro). The music files is on a synology diskstation in that particular LAN. We enabled the DBserver.
I installed the advanced home version at my home computer (windows 10 pro) and connected to the server, so I could put info into the files and get the system up and running with playlists etc. in my spare time. We are all volunteers, so the radio don’t make money yet.

I also have a copy of the entire library at my home and redirected to my own diskstation

Okay, now we have a picture :+1:

states that mAirlist couldn’t even find the server application. So let‘s try two things.

First: Are you shure the dBServer-App is still running on the server (and „active“)? Some users accidentally close it instead of just minimizing it. Just asking because you said it worked some days before…

Second: On the „Server“ Windows you should open the ports 8840 (for http) and/or 9840 if you’re doing https. Incoming and outgoing because the dbServer needs them to communicate with the internet client(s) on other PCs like yours.

Even if it worked at the beginning: Windows may decline communication after some time if they aren’t set properly. I‘ve been there too :wink:

Oh, and it should be clear that mAirlist needs permission to send and receive dara through the firewall of your home PC too…

Please give it a try and report back if it worked…

Watch the terms and conditions for home use!

This is not a problem of the mAirListDB Server. It’s related to the database.

The mAirList Advanced Server edition contains a local database (SQLite). This is absolutely okay for a single-user-environment or when not too many users want to have access to this database at the same time.

In a classical multi-user-environment, and your radio station looks like this, this might be too much for the local database. A networked database like PostgreSQL or from the software of your Synology is the best.
For this, you need mAirList Professional Studio. This is available with a home user discount, too, if you still meet the corresponding requirements.

I have asked you to contact mAirList sales to ask for it, but I haven’t seen a mail from you to date.

What I want to tell you with it: The problem has nothing to do with the mAirListDB Server. It works perfect in each situation. But you can’t blame this tool if the database behind this tool is not powerful enough for the number of accesses.
So I think this might cause a part of the problems and, with all respect to your friend, his thought seems to be wrong.

I can confirm that. It perfectly worked with every mAirlist installation so far, be it linked to a localDB or a PostgreSQL database on the server.

Thanks for all your help so far. At the moment I have opened port 8840, 9840 in my home router as well as in my windows firewall incoming and outgoing (also at the radio). I even tried to reinstall mairlist and made a new connection to the database, but same result.

Hi Uli
At the moment I’m the only client to the database, so I think I will wait to Pro upgrade.
I have to get this dbserver to work first. We haven’t begun to use the system yet, because it doesn’t work. I dont think the manager is going to upgrade as long as it doesn’t work with dbserver.

How do you connect to the studio? Is there a static IP or a VPN connection from outside of your radio pc network?

Just to ask: In your first screenshot the IP reads - is this the connection setting you tried to connect to from your home PC?

Because that adress would only work if your local database would be on the home PC too…

This have to be be the static IP of the other PC with the mAirlist server…

The screenshot ( was only when we were working with postgre sql in the studio.
Now I connect to a static ip 128.76.x.x

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So let’s resume:

  • you created a local Database on the studio pc, running mAirlist Advanced
  • you started the dbServer and activated it
  • you opened the firewall for the needed ports in the studio on the PC and the Router
  • you opened the firewall for the ports on your home pc

Can you ping the radio server from your home pc with the static IP?

Can you provide a screenshot of your recent connection settings on your home PC with blurred IP parts?

You said it worked some days ago. What did you change or did it stop working out of nowhere?

[quote=“Stefan_Hillen, post:19, topic:16604”]

  • you created a local Database on the studio pc, running mAirlist Advanced server: Yes
  • you started the dbServer and activated it: Yes
  • you opened the firewall for the needed ports in the studio on the PC and the Router: Yes
  • you opened the firewall for the ports on your home pc: Yes and the router as well

Can you ping the radio server from your home pc with the static IP?

Ping from home to studio