Playlist will play a coumple seconds and stops suddenly


i created a weekly playlist that my music template is at default, start time, fill music, end time, no advert. When i load the playlist I noticed that the time that starts to play and the actual time doesn’t match, which causes to play a couple seconds of the song and the whole plaulist goes blank and no sound comes out. This happens both in auto and manual mode.

I can’t figure out what am i doing wrong. Is there a setting that needs to be checked? I did take the time to start with a clean slate on my music, mp3 id tags, imported to the specific virtual folder from the storage. My music is playing on Zara radio with no issues.

Please I need advice on how to set up correctly the software.



Did you click on this button whilst in Auto to start playback?


Oh and this (the arrow is pointing to) indicates how many tracks are left to play, and what time the list will complete playing.

The Yellow box indicates what time the next Event will begin. This will only display if you have setup an event in the Events section/button.

If it only plays 20 seconds of the first track and stops, then I would need to see how the playlist has been setup.


I have created the Playlist using the mini scheduler. Music is on database storage and virtual folder. How can I share what I have created so you can review it?

Here is a video of what the software is doing

What happens if you just drag some music from the database into the player?

No, the Playlist is added manually by: Open then load the Playlist. I created the Playlist by the mini scheduler.

Ariel, could you provide us with a screenshot of the entire playlist? It looks to me there is some sort of fixed time at the end of the playlist.

And like Matt already pointed out: what happens when you just insert some songs manually in the playlist. Is the same thing happening then?

As Lukeman mentioned, even if you manually add the playlist to test it, any fixed time commands in that playlist are still obeyed by mAirList. This is why I use Soft Fixed Time in my Start of hour marker on my playlist templates, unless it is a show that needs to be triggered at a set time.

See below…


I did what you guys mentioned and it’s working. I have to run it 4 a while and see if someone needs to be addressed. Thanks

No problem. I am planning on doing some more videos on mAirList, just sorting out capture software for the computer, and I’ll start putting out some videos covering all the basics, plus things like voice tracking.

The videos will be great. Sometimes seeing in action makes a whole world of difference, since mostly the manuals are general and sometimes doesn’t apply to ones reality.

Well, I still don’t understand why the Playlist doesn’t change. After the first hour it went to blank. I manually load the Playlist and still goes back to the time that the Playlist was created. I also created and event to load the Playlist, and run it. I don’t understand what am I doing wrong. Please help me.

I have created a week worth of a playlist, from 0-23hrs so i have all the content there. also when i manually load the playlist goes to the first hour that was created, not to the computer hour.

After running the event to load the playlist, it plays 1 song and stops, it goes to blank. Always it start at the time that the playlist was created, not the actual time. HELP!!!


Have you got an event setup on mAirList to automatically load playlists from the database?

This is what mine looks like on my live studio machine:


I have that exactly like yours. My mind is spinning

Make sure you load the playlist for the next hour. Not just load playlist as it will load the playlist for this hour. Make an event which will run 00:55 or so to load the playlist for the next hour:


i did all the settings that were recommended and still can not make the player to load to the correct time. the playlist doesn’t update even though i run the event. i cant figure it out. I dont understand why my clock on the playlist doesnt match the computer clock.

Thanks for the advice.

Screenshot (1).png

when i create a sequence of things to be played in a particular order do i schedule it on the events to "load and play playlist? while creating the sequence, would that interrupt the playback on the automation, since one is clicking on the new tab, and its prompted to "desktop is modified. Save it? or i’m creating the wrong way the playlist?

How do i make play the jingles or station ids? the event thing is not so clear to use

The event thing just loads the playlist at the top of the hour. If you want to manually trigger the loading of the next scheduled playlist by clicking on Events, then highlight your event and click on the Run button. I also have some tasks configured at startup to go into Automation mode, and Load and play the current playlist hour. Just in case the machine reboots due to power loss.

The playlist is where you configure what time you want items to fire. This is done through your Hour Template.

The Hour Template, along with a Music Template, is what the playlist generator uses to create your playlists.

You then use Template Assignments to assign your Hour template to each hour, and the Music template to each hour also. This allows you to have different templates for different hours.

On Friday and Saturday at 1800 (6pm), my system uses an Hour template called Global House Party. This template loads and executes a show I produce and syndicate each week called the Global House Party. It is a single hour long MP3 file, but before it plays my Top of the Hour jingle fires, and the playlist is configured so it always starts at 6pm on the dot, interrupting anything else that is playing. This is done in the Start of hour marker, by setting the Timing to Hard fixed time (see below).

The “Global House Party” Hour template and my Template Assignments is below.



[quote author=mattauckland link=topic=8953.msg59391#msg59391 date=1488247878I also have some tasks configured at startup to go into Automation mode, and Load and play the current playlist hour. Just in case the machine reboots due to power loss.

Can you share the configuration of those tasks? That sounds really good to have.

Tomorrow I will check the template configuration