Playlist Time Cut Off & Status Text Colour


I am wondering first, how to change the text colour ONLY in the player status box. In my screenshot you can see the 3 colours I use, but the white text is almost impossible to read especially on the yellow. I’d like to have it black.

Second, is right next to that you can see the time text is being cut off at the beginning and end. 3 at the front, and PM at the back.

I’m using default settings, I have not changed any layout files etc as this is my first install and setup of mAirList.


mAirList is highly customizable through the skin.ini. I suggest to read this introducing post about it to understand the endless possibilities and how to edit the skin.ini.

Regarding your topic: Please edit the skin.ini with these attributes:


to make it full black. Change the color to your desire.

Just add


to the above code and change the numbers to your needs.

Maybe it will help you to understand the skin.ini more when you use my (former) skin.ini and change/delete entries to see what happens.

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Thank you Stefan, I will try this. Since I am new, I’m quite nervous editing files in this manner. I don’t want to break something. :sweat_smile:

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When you follow the link above to the introduction you will see that it’s a clever way to customize the layout without any need to change important files within the windows folders.

Hint: You can disable a line just by adding a // at the beginning.

So if you‘re using my example code it’s really easy to test out settings :slight_smile:

Thank you for fixing the above 2 issues I had.
Here is the outcome:

Very Nice! :smiley: