Playlist skipping items and playlist runs empty

Sometimes my playlist is skipping items. See below, so the playlist will run empty. i thought when i make one emergency task when the playlist runs empty, but that one is also not starting up. Below the error report. Does anyone know how to solve this? (After restart mAirlist everything works fine again) Thank you for your support. Peter

|2020-11-18 00:59:03|Playlist|Stop: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\Alternative\Mystery Jets, Child Of The Parish -  A Billion Heartbeats - Child of the Parish Remix.mp3 (250 seconds)|
|2020-11-18 01:02:00|Debug|Fixed time reached, jump to: 18-11-2020 01:02:00.000 - Start of hour|
|2020-11-18 01:02:00|Playlist|Start: Container (Promo Pidi Radio APP)|
|2020-11-18 01:02:02|Playlist|Stop: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\Disco\David Guetta, Sia -  Let's Love.mp3 (179 seconds)|
|2020-11-18 01:02:11|Playlist|Start: E:\Studio\Station-ID's\2020\LMF\Slogan\Pidi Radio - Jingle 4 - 135bpm - SLOGAN.wav|
|2020-11-18 01:02:11|Playlist|Stop: Container (Promo Pidi Radio APP) (11 seconds)|
|2020-11-18 01:02:28|Playlist|Start: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\Electronic\Dua Lipa, Madonna, Missy Elliott, The Blessed Madonna -  Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) [The Blessed Madonna Remix].mp3|
|2020-11-18 01:02:28|Playlist|Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID's\2020\LMF\Slogan\Pidi Radio - Jingle 4 - 135bpm - SLOGAN.wav (17 seconds)|
|2020-11-18 01:06:24|Playlist|Start: E:\Studio\Station-ID's\2020\LMF\Sting\Pidi Radio - Jingle 2 - 154bpm - STING.wav|
|2020-11-18 01:06:24|Playlist|Stop: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\Electronic\Dua Lipa, Madonna, Missy Elliott, The Blessed Madonna -  Levitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) [The Blessed Madonna Remix].mp3 (236 seconds)|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Playlist|Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID's\2020\LMF\Sting\Pidi Radio - Jingle 2 - 154bpm - STING.wav (3 seconds)|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Forgive Myself|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: STING 1|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Torn|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Air I Breathe - (Sub Focus & Wilkinson)|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Jingle 5 - 102bpm - ACAPELLA|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Girls - Feat. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli Xcx|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Haters Gonna Love|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: STING 2|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: The Sun|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: The Business|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: STING (no rapper)|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Mesmerize|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Jingle (by LFM Audio)|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: What If I Told You That I Love You|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Flashdancer|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Sting|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: In and out of My Life - Atfc Radio Edit|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: ACAPELLA|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: off the table|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: FAITH|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: ACAPELLA|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Nasty|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Let Me Think About It - Sansixto Remix Edit|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: STING|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: Another Day (kfc)|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: 2AM (feat. Carla Monroe)|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: STING 1|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Debug|Skipping: In Your Eyes (feat. Alida)|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Warning|Playlist 0 ran empty.|
|2020-11-18 01:06:28|Error|Error executing action Insert and play playlist (C:\ProgramData\mAirList\mAirlist-DataFiles\SavePlaylist\When Playlist runs empty during automation.m3u): Automatic splitting of hours is not supported for this file type.|

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Last night it happend again, so this morning i had no running playlist… If i look in the database and check for errors I see not a problem or error. What could be the problem and why this is happening every week?


Are there any fixed times involved in the playlist?

Thank you for your reply. During the weekdays i don’t have fixed times. I only use them in the weekend (with DJ’s because their show is sometimes to long).
It is a normal non-stop hour with one block. See screenshot below. Could the "overflow setting " the problem?

I checked the code. There are only two conditions where items are skipped and the message “Skipping: xxx” appears in the log:

  1. “Skin in automation” check in the item options.

  2. Item marked as “overflow” because of the fixed time of a subsequent items.

Can you post a screenshot of that 01:00 hour how it looked in the DB when you scheduled it?

Hello Torben,

  1. I assume you mean “Skip in automation” in the playback options?

    None of them had this setting. If you do not mean this, please provide me with more details where to find it.
    Could it be that something is happening after executing event “Generating Playlist in Database”?
  2. Here is the screenshot of the playlist. You can ignore the underrun. I changed things in de database this weekend. In the 2 screenshots above in my last post you see the runtime was good and had no errors.

thank you for your support!

|2020-11-26 02:42:40|Playlist|Start: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\House\Wh0 -  Chinatown.mp3|
|2020-11-26 02:42:40|Playlist|Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID's\2020\LMF\Acapella\Pidi Radio - Jingle 1 - 140bpm - Acapella.wav (2 seconds)|
|2020-11-26 02:45:00|Information|Executing event Generate Playlist in Database|
|2020-11-26 02:45:00|Information|Database: Initializing Mini Scheduler|
|2020-11-26 02:45:00|Information|Database: Generating playlist for 26-11-2020 03:00 with hour template "Non Stop 1 Block Night", music template "_New format music template (1)", transition template ""|
|2020-11-26 02:45:26|Playlist|Stop: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\House\Wh0 -  Chinatown.mp3 (166 seconds)|
|2020-11-26 02:45:26|Debug|Skipping: Limousine Lies (Original Mix with Artist ID)|
|2020-11-26 02:45:26|Debug|Skipping: ACAPELLA|
|2020-11-26 02:45:26|Debug|Skipping: I Follow Rivers|
|2020-11-26 02:45:26|Debug|Skipping: Something More - Light|
|2020-11-26 02:45:26|Debug|Skipping: STING|
|2020-11-26 02:45:26|Debug|Skipping: Run|
|2020-11-26 02:45:26|Debug|Skipping: Hypnotized|
|2020-11-26 02:45:26|Warning|Playlist 0 ran empty.|
|2020-11-26 02:50:00|Information|Executing event Append Database Playlist|
|2020-11-26 02:50:00|Playlist|Start: Container (Promo Pidi Radio APP)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:11|Playlist|Start: E:\Studio\Station-ID's\2020\LMF\Slogan\Pidi Radio - Jingle 1 - 140bpm - Short Slogan.wav|
|2020-11-26 02:50:11|Playlist|Stop: Container (Promo Pidi Radio APP) (11 seconds)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Playlist|Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID's\2020\LMF\Slogan\Pidi Radio - Jingle 1 - 140bpm - Short Slogan.wav (8 seconds)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Minefields|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: STING|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Lose You To Love Me|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: STING 1|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Cheers|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Free At Last - (Martin Ikin Remix)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: ACAPELLA|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: City Lights|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Be Okay|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: STING 2|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Gucci Slides (feat. LORYN)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: My Head & My Heart|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: STING (no rapper)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: W.M. - (Midnight Pool Party Remix)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Jingle 5 - 102bpm - ACAPELLA|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Half Of What You Do|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Tell Me Why  - (James Hype Remix)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: STING|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Exceeder|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Jingle (by LFM Audio)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Patti - (Jack Wins Remix)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Running (Radio Edit with Artist ID)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: ACAPELLA|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Oddity|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Smile - (Tough Love Remix)|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: STING|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Lost In Yesterday|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Home Sweet Home|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: STING 2|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Perfect (For Somebody Else) [feat. Dewain Whitmore]|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Debug|Skipping: Emergency|
|2020-11-26 02:50:20|Warning|Playlist 0 ran empty.|

Software was running fine for 17 days till now. Again it happend. Why? E:\ drive is a local SSD drive. The file was tested in the Database and it was running. The file was in the right place. mAirlist is running everything from the E:\ Drive. Is 1 Hour show giving problems with buffering??
I am out of options.

2020-12-18 20:59:14 Playlist Start: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\Electronic\HVME - Goosebumps.mp3
2020-12-18 20:59:14 Playlist Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\2020\LMF\Sting\Pidi Radio - Jingle 5 - 102bpm - STING 1.wav (2 seconds)
2020-12-18 21:00:00 Debug Fixed time reached, jump to: 18-12-2020 21:00:00.000 - Start of hour
2020-12-18 21:00:00 Playlist Start: E:\Studio\Nieuws\News-hours\Nieuws 21 uur.mp3
2020-12-18 21:00:02 Playlist Stop: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\Electronic\HVME - Goosebumps.mp3 (47 seconds)
2020-12-18 21:00:08 Playlist Start: News Container (News Container Headlines)
2020-12-18 21:00:08 Playlist Stop: E:\Studio\Nieuws\News-hours\Nieuws 21 uur.mp3 (8 seconds)
2020-12-18 21:01:07 Playlist Start: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\FX\free-sticky-fx-002.mp3
2020-12-18 21:01:07 Warning Error prebuffering item “The Weekend Show, Special Guest: The BearBrothers”: Cannot open file “E:\Studio\Muziek\DJ’s\Mally Clark\Uur 1\WS2020-12-18_showMP3.mp3”. The system cannot find the path specified
2020-12-18 21:01:07 Playlist Stop: News Container (News Container Headlines) (59 seconds)
2020-12-18 21:01:08 Playlist Start: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\2020\ - Mediamihael\Pidi Radio JINGLE.mp3
2020-12-18 21:01:08 Playlist Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\FX\free-sticky-fx-002.mp3 (1 seconds)
2020-12-18 21:01:35 Playlist Start: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\2019\Pidi Radio App\P1-410492.mp3
2020-12-18 21:01:37 Playlist Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\2020\ - Mediamihael\Pidi Radio JINGLE.mp3 (28 seconds)
2020-12-18 21:01:45 Playlist Start: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\FX\free-sticky-fx-006.mp3
2020-12-18 21:01:45 Playlist Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\2019\Pidi Radio App\P1-410492.mp3 (10 seconds)
2020-12-18 21:01:46 Playlist Start: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\2020\Chelsea - Every show, the best electronic music from around the world with Pidi Radio Jingle.mp3
2020-12-18 21:01:46 Playlist Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\FX\free-sticky-fx-006.mp3 (1 seconds)
2020-12-18 21:01:56 Warning Skipping erroneous item “The Weekend Show, Special Guest: The BearBrothers”: Cannot open file “E:\Studio\Muziek\DJ’s\Mally Clark\Uur 1\WS2020-12-18_showMP3.mp3”. The system cannot find the path specified
2020-12-18 21:01:56 Warning Playlist 0 ran empty.
2020-12-18 21:01:57 Playlist Stop: E:\Studio\Station-ID’s\2020\Chelsea - Every show, the best electronic music from around the world with Pidi Radio Jingle.mp3 (10 seconds)
2020-12-18 21:38:02 Playlist Start: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\UK Dance\John Summit - Deep End.mp3
2020-12-18 21:40:36 Playlist Stop: E:\Studio\Muziek\20\2020\UK Dance\John Summit - Deep End.mp3 (153 seconds)