Player load on demand

I would like to have player load on demand in a different way.
Load the outher player when the player starts.
The reason you can’t mistake in player when you start the show there is only one player loaded .
As soon when you start player a player b gets loaded.
And when both players stop (caller weather ect) there is just one player loaded.
Only in assist mode off course .

What is the advantage of such setup? You could still miss the correct fader and create some gap in your programme. In the common on-demand-setup you can catch whatever fader you like and still get the next audio.

What about using the command PLAYLIST 1 NEXT instead of PLAYER 1-1 START?

Okay, both players are still loaded, but the effect is as wanted: It wil only start the Player in NEXT CUE.

My though was if a player isn’t loaded you can’t start it.
When you stil hit the start button of player b when a is next nothing happens because there is nothing loaded ?

Wil test it when I get home .

I use mairlist now for about 10 years and this is the thing that goes wrong mostly .
It’s the reason I make skin whit playing and next color and try to give state light in mixer.

Before I used freeplayer what uses 4 players and if you hit start from one off the 4 players the top off the playlist (next) loads and plays .
If your solution gives the wanted result its fine by my.
Test it when I’m home and report to you .

Correct, so you are creating a gap.

This is exactly the fuctionality of Load player on demand: Whatever player you trigger, the next playable element will be played.

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A small gap is way better as starting wrong player.
Yes I know you can pauze and pull it back but then rather a small gap because when you hit the wrong button it doesn’t take minutes to figure out hey wrong one .

Okay, but I still do not catch on the problems you seem to have with the functionality already available.

Tested that but I still had players a and b and when you start a while you shoot have started b it still goos wrong .

When I’m home I test Ulli suggestion and if that works it’s fine by me .

Different to me:

Players A and B are empty (while nothing is played out). Start whatever player and the proximate (playable) Element will be loaded and played out im the respective player.

If some player, say player B, ist playing, you have only one player ready to start, player A. No problems here.

If you happen to run three players, one of them is playing out, the others are empty. Trigger any of them and the proximate (playable) element will be loaded and played out.


Will try it again if this ore the outher solution works .
Don’t matter to me how its done.
I want to rule out that you start the wrong player .
Last year I made a topic Dj mistakes nobody replied so I thought of this .

I think that Tondoses proposal “Auto load on demand” is the best solution for you. :+1:

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Yes, but I just replied a solution for your problem in that thread some days ago.

If you program a button with the commands


it will play the next element and it doesn’t matter if you are in AUTO or ASSIST.



and it will fade every cart that’s playing too.

This is a very very simple solution to make it fool proof and you still could start the players manually if needed… :wink:

Yes you did I started the topic last year and I was the one that picked it up 2 weak ago .
Your other solution to cut the jingle when starting next track works great .
But the solution for for tis problem won’t because the start button also opens the audio channel .
When I do it your way the player starts but you don’t hear a thing because the audio channel is still closed .
I know you can get the start button from the fader channel and bring them to the control section bu it wound be a choice like the Webstation you can’t use the buttons above the faders anymore .

Henk, that’s exactly what I wrote, just attached with the command to play it even in AUTO mode :thinking:

Where’s the problem to have the channels for A & B activated all time and just use the faders?

Maybe it’s time for another way to do things then? :slight_smile:

Or someone could script it for you?

Thats what I’m trying here :joy:

But when I’m home ill try Ulli and Tondose solutions , where getting there😀

As long as you‘re not changing this setting Uli‘s and my solution will not work…

Just to know and understand better: Is it a special airence thing that the channels are deactive until you press Start or is it a special setting you‘ve scripted/set up (and then: why)?

Always interested in other workflows :upside_down_face:

What about fader start?

… is available in D&R’s Webstation, Airlite and Airence as well; they all have the same functions.
It also works in the Airmate USB (-8 and -12), but without software configuration.

  • Button ON, fader down:
    Starts on fader up.

  • Fader up, Button OFF:
    Can start like a hotstart on pressing the ON button.