Multi scheduling advices

Hello there !

I am setting up multiple broadcast of a show throughout the month, and I’d like to know how to use the “week 1 of 4”, “week 2 of for” (an so on…) setting.

I wish to play the first schedule on Tuesday (19-20) the first week, then on Wednesday the second week (16-17), on Tuesday the third week (13-14) and finally on Monday the fourth week (midnight to 01:00).
I already have an hour template for this show including the 3 elements (3x20 minutes).
Do I need to create a music template as well, as the hour template already give the order of the 3 parts along with separating jingles ?
And then how can I tell mAirList to use the different weeks for this show only ?

I haven’t found a topic on the wiki page, so here I am , looking for help on the support forum. :wink:

Thanks for your help.

Hi Clogfan,
If you have an hour template with specific items (and not fill with music block) you don’t have to create a music template.

Second part of your question, I was wondering the same, and here’s what i found :

In this topic is explained how templates and overrides are used

So, you can have a generic assignment on the leftest Default tab, and specific assignment for week 1, tuesday 19-20h, week 2 tue 16-17… leaving others hours blank

It’s what I understood according to UliNobbe answer, but I never tried multi assignment finally…

Hello Yann.
Thanks for the tip.
I am a bit busy right now with other issues to have a closer look, but I will sure have a go in the near future :wink:

Hi Guys,

I read the topic and since it was me who asked the question earlier, I would like to respond.
The tabs on the templates work exactly as Uli described. Since I found out, I am using them a lot.

Short description :
In the templates u have the following tabs from left to right; default, even week, odd week, then the month and week seperations and finally the special tab.
At first we forget about the special tab. I’ll explain later!

When scheduling in Mairlist, it will start looking at the most right tab (week 4 of 4) if something is filled in this template and it is important for that moment when Mairlist is planning it will use this information. If not, it goes one tab back to the left. All tabs will beeing looked at one at the time and if nessecairy used for scheduling.
When all tabs are scheduled, Mairlist will check when importing a playlist if there are other playlists planned other then the Default. If so it wil open those playlist instead of the default. The default tab contains your standard scheduling template, all tabs to the right are overruling the default tab.

Then there is the special tab. In this tab you can do special things wich don’t have a cycle in the rotation. It’s easy to place special moments in there.
for example… I Live in the netherlands and every 4th of may there is a special moment at 20.00 pm where also radiostations take part of. Since it is just once a year, it isn’t wanted to place it in a rotation template, but I would like to plan it myself. With the special tab I don’t have to make changes to any other templates. Just place the specific part in the special template and then plan it manually.
When you start to plan manually, there is an option to select the special tab.
Special tab will overrule ALL other tabs. So be carefull with using this. But it’s a cool feature.

Hope it’s a clear explenation. if you have questions, feel free to ask!

Yes and no. :sunglasses:
Have you seen this?

Scheduler, special

As a reminder for the order of the different weeks, I use the following principle from Torben:

mAirList “reads” the tabs from right to left


Thank you all for those tips and advices.
All is now clearer in my mind. I have a long weekend to try and use those tabs.

Hello guys.
There is something I don’t understand : if I use “week 1 of 4” (week 2, week 3 and so on), how can define on what date I want this scheme to start ?
Is it based on the beginning of the month or something else ? Because if this first week starts at the turn of 2 months (end of June, beginning of July, for instance) would it work ?
Is sit possible to “hold” the process to make it start when I want ? For instance if I am working right now on my summer hours, is it possible to make it start only by the end of June, not before, even if I already assigned my summer hours in nthe music templates ?.
Thanks again.