Templates question

Hi Guys,

Hopefully there is someone who can help me in this.
As u probably know, the Hour-, Music- and Transition- templates include several tabs, (e.g. Even week, Odd week,1th in month, etc). I am wondering how these tabs are usable in mAirlist? How does the software use these tabs, or is it possible to assign them somehow yourself in the mini scheduler or in sheduling by event?

I’ve been looking for a long time now, but there is nowhere any usefull information, nor can I find any of the tab names in the scheduling part of mAirlist.

In 2017 I have asked the same question, and Torben answered me this:
“The additional tabs (1st in month etc.) are used override the “standard” assignment when you have shows that run only once or twice a month, e.g. first Monday in month, or every other week.”

How does mairlist know what tab it should use? Back then Torben told me he would add a description in an updated music scheduling tutorial in the wiki pages.
Unfortunately, the wiki page isn’t updated yet. Off course I understand there are more important things to work on when developing software, so I don’t blame him anything!

But since the question still comes up from time to time, I decided to ask you guys.
Does anyone know how mAirlist uses these tabs, or maybe someone can explain me how I can assign them myself in a scheduler?

Ruud van de Voort

mAirList “reads” the tabs from right to left, so the entry in the most right tab has priority over the left ones and so on. So the left tab “Default” has the lowest priority and is a kind of “fallback” when there is no entry in the other tabs.

When you have a show each 3rd Monday in the month at 8 p.m., then place the hour / music template into the tab “3rd in month” on Monday at 20 (8 p.m.). That’s all.
If there are no other shows having this rhythm, you can leave the other fields empty. They will follow the entrys in “Default”.

When you are not sure when mAirlist starts counting weeks, here’s a hint:


Thx Uli,

That make sence, :wink:
Still I have one question. How is the ‘Special’ tab used by mAirlist?
I understand the week counting, but when (or how) is the ‘Special’ tab used/planned?

Okay, this is an exception. “Special” has not the highest priority. It will only be used when you check the box in the Mini Scheduler “Use ‘Special’ template assignment for all days”.

So you can place there special shows, e.g. year’s end disco etc. It will only be planned when you ask the Mini Scheduler to do so.

Thx again Uli,
That’s a clear explanation!

So when I schedule a “special” playlist in my default template, it will be used automatically when inserting a ‘Master playlist’ in my playout playlist?

If there is a special playlist available, it will also overrule the default playlist when loading?
This can be interesting for (e.g.) Christmas playlists wich you want to played only in December.

One small thing that I’ve noticed,
It’s possible to check the box “Use ‘Special’ template assignment for all days” in the manual scheduler.
Unfortunately, this box isn’t available when using the ‘generate playlists’ in database as an event.
It would be nice to have an option in the event scheduling so you can make an extra event to schedule the ‘special playlist’ on forehand. This way you can prepare the tabs in the templates way before you need them without they are already used.

Like I said for Christmas, when the opportunity is there to have that option in scheduling by an event, I can always let the special tabs filled without being worried to forget or being late or too early in preparing.

I will make 2 events,
First is an event wich runs all year without the option activated so the default playlist is scheduled, even when the special tabs are filled!
Second event is scheduled at the end of November with the the option activated so the special playlist is scheduled. When using combined with the ‘time adjustment’ option in the scheduler it will be easy to have the special playlist started at the time i like and I’ll be sure the playlist is prepared not at the last moment!

This would be a great option I guess?

Let’s try it the other way round.

You can plan your Christmas playlists a week in advance and for the special day you use the “Special” checkbox. Save the generated playlists in the database for this date.

When the event asks for creating a playlist on Christmas Eve, the answer is: Already planned, jump forward. :sunglasses:
This happens each time the event wants to create a playlist but there is already one planned in the database. So you can run your automation 24/7 but create individual database playlists for a special date / hour in the future.
I love this mAirList feature.

I Do understand what u mean.
And this is indeed a feature I will love using!

What I meant was that u have to plan the special day manually. It would be great if the special day could be planned in an event and so be automated as well.
Having the option “Use ‘Special’ template assignment for all days” also available in scheduling by event it is possible to setup an event which schedules only that special day/hour.
This way you are sure your special day is planned at the moment you want, not at the moment you have time to plan manually. U can prepare the special templates at any time you like. Still the scheduler will schedule when the event is running.

My example used earlier perhaps wasn’t the best example to explain. :wink:

Hope u (and Torben) will seriously think about this function. If u sure it won’t be added in the future I hope you would let know as well in a comment here.

I will copy your last post to the Feature requests. They are tagged with “New” (at first) so Torben can filter them easier to find all requests for a future release.

Many thx for your quick response and your time.
It’s not only the software and features which make mAirlist great. The support is maybe even more worth!