Mini scheduling question .... penalty?


have this stupid question on the mini scheduling.
I’m able to say track / artist / title separtion by xx hours. What is that “penalty”? xx% xxh? xx what?

I know might be a spudit question.

When there is no “perfect match” (song that matches all artist/title/track separation), the scheduler uses these penalty values to calculate which of the non-perfect songs fits “best”.

so if I say a song can’t come back before 36h with a penalty of 15 … does that means it can come back after (36-15) 21 hours?

The penalty value is multiplied with the number of hours that the song comes “too early”.

E.g. artist separation 5 hours, but artist has been played 2 hours ago => 3 hours early, multiplied with a penalty of e.g. 2 => 6 points added to penalty score.

This is done for artist, title and track, and all points are added.

The song with the lowest score wins.

okay makes sense now. Thanks.


We create our new playlist always 1 week at the time. We have the impressions that the software doesn’t look in the past for when a song played the last time. Some songs come around often, others very rare.

Is this penalty system reset after each time you created a playlist?

The penalties are recalculated “just in time” from the “last scheduled” data every time you run the scheduler. So there are no hidden counters to reset.

You can turn on the debug log during scheduling, it will tell you the penalty score of all items considered, and why a particular song was favored another.

I know you have explained this somewhere before on the forum Torben; but I do encounter the same issue Kris describes.

I’m also scheduling a week in advance. Usually on Sundays for the week ahead. And I do notice that songs which are scheduled on the Sunday, will be picked again for the next week.

Say I’m scheduling Sundays at 16.00 hours for the next week, the “last scheduled” data of the songs after 16.00 hours will not be taken into account by the scheduler and they will be scheduled again shortly. But also songs that were scheduled before 16.00 hours will still be scheduled within a short period of time. To me it looks like the scheduler ignores the “last scheduled” data of the day of the scheduling itself. Could this be the case?

(BTW: My song library is that large, that usually a song is picked once a month approximately)

As I said, just enable the debug log, it will show the “last scheduled” value for each single song taking into consideration.

Wow, that’s an impressive list :stuck_out_tongue:
Very interesting to see what’s going on beneath the bonnet of mAirlist.
I knew of this option and did give it a try before, but due to a (too) large number of songs in some folders (which I have been altering lately), it took ages and finally left me with an empty page in notepad.
Just scheduled for a single hour and can now see how things work. It should just not be possible to schedule the same song in a short period of time twice. Still I’m quite sure it did happen before but not sure under what circumstances. I will investigate and when I know more, I will let you know.
Thanks for now Torben, have a nice Sunday!