mAirList hangs randomly for 31 seconds after shorts elements

Hello everyone.

For about one week, I have regular but random hangs after shorts elements (I’d say less than 10 seconds). All mAirList windows freeze, no audio is played.
During that time Windows keeps working as usual, I can use, close and open other software. The task manager doesn’t show anything unusual in terms of CPU and RAM.

A strange thing : when I look into the mAirList system log, the short element on which the system hangs always appear as having a 31 seconds duration (whatever its normal duration).
The short item (usually a jingle or a liner) may well play a few minutes later without causing any problem !

I have generated a debug report shortly after a problem but I can’t upload it (only image files are authorized!)

I use v 6.2.7 build 4166 on Windows 7. No new software has been installed for many months, and no antivirus has been installed on this PC (which can’t access internet).

Thanks for helping on on that subject

Philippe (Decibel webradio)

Hello Philippe,

the bug report may contain some information that should not be seen in public. :wink:

Please upload it here:

Bug report sent.
Thanks for the explanation. :wink:


Are all soundcards set to WASAPI, or is DirectSound involved?

Are files on local disk or on a network share?

Hello Torben.

Sound cards are set to WASAPI (they are USB devices, as I use a Airence console).
All audio files are on a local HD.

I forgot to precise that this happened in Automation mode as we rarely use Assist mode these days (but so far I haven’t had a single report of problem in Assist mode).

Seems the problem is appearing after songs now.
Is it worth updating to 6.3.x ?

After stranding several hours in front of the PC, I observed that mAirList hangs for a few seconds (between 25 and 35, with log frozen) after each item and then resumes working as usual.
As each file is buffered it doesn’t affect songs or long items, but short items (less than 35 seconds) are not started in time. This is why dead air happens after jingles.

Hello there.

Upgraded to 6.3.8 and the problem is still present.
I also moved data to another drive (in case the actual drive was failing) but things didn’t change.

Any news from your side ?

Do you have scripts of any kind installed? If so, please deactivate all of them for evaluation (de-tick them in the Setup/Configuration Menu). Is the issue continuing?

No, I don’t have any script installed. Only a text file is generated (with “Artist-Title” for our stream data). This has been working for more than a year. Anyway, I will try to deactivate it and keep you posted.

Are the short elements combined with a fixed time (soft or hard)?

And does the issue appear after any short item or only particular ones? If so, one should have a closer look at one of these suspects.

@ Uli :
No, they are no fixed time (hard or soft) involved at all.

@Tondose :
Well, this is the weird point : any short item may be affected, but can be played OK a few minutes later !
I already checked some of them, just in case but couldn’t find any problem on any of them.

Okay, just to be sure: Shorten some well-known and often-played song to, say, 20 seconds and play it.

Thank you so far.
At the moment, I have no idea… oh, wait, only this one:

Would you mind updating to mAirList v6.3? Just to be sure that there is nothing else we have solved in the meantime?

And, additionally: What has happened in the week before, when mAirlist was running without problems? Any changes?

I upgraded to 6.3.8 a few days ago. I too wanted to make sure the software was up to date.
Apparently the problem was not solved, though bit seems they are fewer hangs from this day (I updated on Tuesday morning).
No new software (even hardware) has been installed on the on air PC for a long time. No Windows update was installed either (anyway, I turned off the automatic updates ages ago).
One hint though : some people reported that the problem seemed to appear just after we used the advertising grid (we have never used it previously) for a few days. It might not be related, but if it rings a bell, why not ?..

Torben, I will do as you advise. I’ll come back to you later.

Created a short item form an existing song. Played it twice within an hour.
First time, system hangs for 28 seconds (it seems this is now the duration of the freeze, since I changed HD a few days ago), then resumes working correctly.
Second time, the element plays OK and no dead air appears between its end and the following song.

No comprendo :slight_smile:

We have to provoke an “The application seems to be frozen” window.

Please follow these instructions:

We must see the details from the moment when the system hangs.
Thank you.

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Hi Uli.
Bug report sent (I used the address you gave me earlier).

Is it possible that you use an icon for an element referring to a network drive that does not longer exist?
This is a timeout coming from Windows, searching for non-existing drives. mAirList receives the error message from windows, in the meantime mAirList is waiting for Windows.

Please check the element(s), copy it / them to a text editor and search for non-existing paths.