mAirList 3.1 Preview


a preview snapshot of mAirList 3.1 is now available:

Please read the changelog carefully for installation instructions, and please note that this is only a preview and not meant for production use.

Please post all comments about the new version to this thread for the time being.


Hi Torben

Sounding good. Tried to install it , but recieved errors running it . i did try it brt recieve error message missing licence. Strange i copied it in to the directory of mAirList



Check the instructions in the change log. You need to download a zip archive of mAirList 3.0 first, unzip it, then download and replace mAirList.exe and bass_vst.dll, and finally download your license file using the license manager (LicenseManager.bat).

The new layout designer seems to work quite well - However, if you then click an option in the Layout list - the x,y values are not given focus (they don’t change at all) so if you increment one, the object jumps somewhere else!

Thanks, I will check that.

By the way, there’s one feature that wasn’t mentioned in the first changelog I uploaded: There’s now support for VST plugins in the stream processing. It’s in a separate module, so you need to re-download your license file to make it work.

Layout designer issue sorted out in Build 701 which I will upload in a minute.

Hi Torben

Really pleased you have added the button feature - it works a treat.

Thank you

Hi Torben,

just playing with the buttons…

I am trying to use 2. One which starts automation playback on playlist_0 - the commands i have set are “enable automation, automation next, disable automation” - this works fine and does as it should.

However, when i click the button, with the same commands for the second playlist (i have made sure i selected the playlist it relates to in the relevant box) it does nothing…

Any thoughts, is this a bug?


Might be. Can you please mail me your screenobjects.ini for testing?

Hi torben

I have tried to install the programme again yesterday evening . It keeps asking for it’s licence . I copied the licence in to the c:\mairlist3.1 dir. Copied all the files of 3.0 also in to the dir. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe you can help.



Is there a “config” folder in C:\mairlist3.1? If not, mAirList will look for the configuration in C:\Documents and Settings… or C:\ProgramData…, depending on your Windows version.

If you followed the instructions from the change log and downloaded the zip archive of mAirList 3.0, there should be an empty config folder, so mAirList expects all configuration (and license!) files in the program folder. This is all explained here:

The easiest way to re-enable the license would be to use the License Manager, but I just heard that its broken in Build 701, so you will have to wait until I upload Build 702 later today.

Thanks Torben

I will try it out tonight. I am now @work so not be able to login to the server.

Will let you know if this helps



Tonight there will be a new Build ready, so everything should be fine for you :slight_smile:

Thanks … Can’t wait till working day @ the office is over (ha ha)


Build 702 is now available.

Thanks it works , but waiting on futher development. Streaming encoder is verry handfull. Will wait till the next updates


Any particular feature you are looking for? Perhaps I can tell you if it’s worth waiting :wink:

Yeah if you can do it. I am running the programme on a backup pc , because the server had a broken fan so it was not be able to run it over , hopefully it is back tonight i will test 3.1 at this machine also .
What are the plans for next versions?

  • html output would be helpfull direct linked to the website
  • a option for downloading the news automaticly with a background filler —
  • so the headlines will be split news announcing sounder the rest of the news and closer
  • wave form for the overlaps



None of those features is planned for implementation at the moment. I thought you were waiting for something I had announced for v3.1 that’s not in the preview already, that’s why I asked.

For discussion possible new features in future versions, please post to the Feature Requests forum. This thread should only deal with the actual changes in v3.1.

I followed all instructions on the changelog, and I keep getting error message “The procedure entry point Bass_Encode_StartLimit could not be located in the dynamic link library bassenc.dll”
I have mAilrlist 3.0 and the recent snapshot in a different folder from the 3.0 version I use. The config files from the snapshot copied into config folder which only had licence and mairlist files. The bass_vst.dll copied into the mAirlist 3.0 folder (the unzipped one).

Many thanks