Logging file for each day

Lately I’ve been doing some testing with an external advertising campaign planning software. In this software it is possible to use feedback from the playout software to see whether the commercials have actually been played in the correct commercial breaks.
Now that package asks you to create a log file per day containing data on the advertisements played.
It is now possible to create a continuous log file in mairlist. However, it is not yet possible to have a new file created every day (e.g. today; 2024-03-01.txt, tomorrow; 2024-03-02.txt, etc.)

Hence my request to have the option to have a daily log file generated that can contain such information.
I now know that the correct information (time and file name) can easily be created in a continuous log file. However, I hope that there will be a possibility to create a log file per day.

You can just put the usual variables (%Y, %M, %D etc.) in the log file name. They will be expanded automatically.

This seem to work. Thx again.

How i make the continuous logfile for the advertising, i think i can use this together with Admaster

I Was doing the testing for the new version of Admaster aswell.

When creating a new log file make sure the ‘Overwrite this file each time a log entry is written’ is OFF.
Also select ‘advertising’ in the filter settings.
Now mAirlist will create a loge file with all advertising items wich are played and not just the last played item.

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yes, but Admaster placed the files in an other map, because you upload advertising files to their cloud, and the cloud is placing the files on your broadcastpc, even after setting up the campaign, for each advertising file, ther cames an extra file.
So they don’t have “advertising” specification, so in the filter you have also to take the first one…
Normaly “container” has to be ALWAYS on, but then, you don’t see the advertising files in your playlist, except you pusch “+” from the container.
With containers, you don’t have a logging from the broadcasted afdvertising files…

I personally also use the cloud version of Admaster. Before it was officially launched, I was able to do various tests for the software. In any case, the implementation of reading the log files as they are created from mAirlist, for example, is currently underway. but that’s besides the point.

As you indicate, the cloud version places the spot on the broadcast PC and is not automatically imported into the mAirlist database. As a result, it is not seen as a ‘commercial’ item. Personally, I import the commercials into mAirlist after they have been uploaded by admaster so that I can add cue points to them, but also assign the item as a ‘Commercial’ item. To automate this, I previously placed a request for the option to not have an audio file moved with the ‘auto importer’. Admaster places the file in the correct folder, mAirlist should only recognize and import the file. For now, the auto importer moves the file after import.
Once this is done, the files are still included in the log file, regardless of whether the commercials are played separately or in a container.

With the previously mentioned settings, mAirlist creates a log file with the commercials. I even have mAirlist create a log file with only the commercial items so that it can be used by Admaster. As previously indicated, a number of things are currently being worked on in Admaster, including implementing the broadcast log of playout systems.

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The logging system will probably start functioning today or tomorrow. Admaster can then read the playout log from mAirlist.
As soon as this works I will post an explanation of how to configure this log file.

The request to include audio files in the auto importer without ultimately moving them remains. However, it only takes one action to import the files manually.

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I have written a brief explanation of how to create a log file that can be read by Admaster:

mAirlist logfile for Admaster

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