IVP script


it is a good case that the trail version is a Month, especially if you have
to test everything in your spare time so… thanks for that.

I am testing Mairlist 6.2.2 manly for Voice tracking and have tried to run the IVP script, but without a any result. And then I saw that it´s not for version 6…

So my question is for user Cad; do you think there will be a script for V6xx or is it better for me to register a older version from Mairlist?

Of course it is also possible that I´ve mist the proper script ,-) than you can blame my search skills!:nerd_face:

Have a nice weekend,

Last time @Cad was seen on (the previous platform of) this forum was January 2014.

Hi Ulli,

Yes and no, if users recommend another version so I can use the script it is also fine by me. I am not running a station, so the most import-end task will be making a couple of hours of playlists and adding voice tracks.

But I thank you for your reply, did not see that Cad was for so long not responding


But, however, mAirList has become capable of voicetracking in the meantime. Have you gotten into that yet?

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Hi Tondose,

yes Sir, spend a lot off Hours at the VT module.
I like to use sweepers and Sound effects in my VT´s, and with only two players in the VT´s module that is almost impossible as far as I can see.
I am a simple guy and do some talking in between records :crazy_face:


I see, so what Version of IVP did you employ?

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This is possible in mAirList Advanced Edition (“Voicetrack plus Cartwall”) which is available for “Home Users” with a special discount, too.

IVP 6.0 Tondose on Mairlist v6.2.2


Thank you Uli,

I don´t see the mAirList Advanced Edition on the website?
Where / how can I get a quot please?


That seems a little strange to me as I can find neither the expression pioSpecialItem nor GetEffectiveDuration in the script, even less at the line numbers said. Are we talking of the same script? I got mine here.

Different regards


mAirList Editions:

Home Users:

mAirList Advanced/Professional

If you require additional features not included in Home Studio (e.g. mixing console remote control), we can offer mAirList Advanced or Professional licenses at a discounted price.

This applies to non-commercial home use exclusively (see rules above)!

Current discount rate is 75%. Crossgrades from existing Home Studio license are possible by paying the price difference.

Licenses are only sold online. Please send all enquiries to sales@mairlist.com. We will check if all requirements are met, and then send you a discount code or payment link.

(mAirList for Home Users | mAirList Radio Automation)

Good Morning,

@Tondose I was 100% wrong with the script versions I have been using…
I have followed you link and going to try those scripts this afternoon.
Thank you for correcting me!

@UliNobbe thank you for the information, I will have a look at the links you´ve send me and if it looks like a good solution send a email.
However the biggest problem will be to convince my wive that perhaps I have to spend a little more money for my hobby :rofl:

Have a good Sunday, Roel