Issue with microphone delay

Hi, I’ve recently upgraded my licence to mAirList 7 Home Studio, hoping it would fix this bug, but it hasn’t.

The longer the software is open, the longer the delay between me speaking into my microphone and the software recognising it. The only thing that fixes this is resetting my microphone input in the configuration window before I speak, every time. This is getting quite tedious unfortunately. No other software has this issue, and it occurs on every microphone I have.

My main microphone and PC specification:
◘Rode NT-USB
◘Intel i9 10900X overclocked to 4.7GHz
◘Nvidia RTX 2080 Super
◘Windows 11 Pro

I have also re-installed Windows, and I’m using WASAPI (DirectSound also causes the same problem)

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

This seem to be the same problem mentioned in this thread nearly two years ago:

Maybe @Torben has an idea…

Yes, unfortunately with mAirList 7 this issue has become worse.

Hi are there any updates on this please?

We are discussing this issue internally in our support.
This is not so easy, regarding the fact that we have many users with a USB mic, even a Røde NT-USB and we don’t have received similar reports.

Okay thank you for looking into this, I really appreciate it.

Do you use v7.1.6 or an older version?
If it is older, please update to the latest version. Thank you.

I’m currently broadcasting on 7.1.4, I will update to 7.1.6 now

7.1.6 has the same problem, sadly