How to configure Fader Start with DHD RM2200D

Hello !
I am looking to configure the start fader of my RM2200D DHD console.

However, I don’t know how to do it.

Has any of you ever succeeded?


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Hi Kiwi,

welcome to the mAirList Community.

To give all of us a quick overview:
In June '18 Torben first said “No”, later it was integrated in v6.1.5.

… but, later:

Status: limited support, since v6.1.5
Uses an entirely different protocol than the other DHD products. Faderstart and PFL control supported.


A wiki page is marked as “work in progress” since July; unfortunately I am not able to finish it.

I kindly ask the DHD using community with experience on an RM 2200D, to help us here.
Thank you.

Okay ! And you have no leads? Do you think it is impossible to link the RM2200D to Mairlist?

Impossible per se – no. But it means implementing an all-different protocol for an obsolete console into mAirList. Think for yourself how profitable this is from the developer’s (and salesman’s!) point of view.

But, apart from that, a question to you: Is it possible to drive some GPIOs with the RM 2200D?

Bypassed regards


Did you (both) read the quote in answer #2?

I did, indeed. But I wanted to apply some of my great and unmatched wisdom concerning either @Torben’s limited time regarding support for relatively seldom-used hardware as well as avoiding to wait for a solution if @Kiwi should be in a hurry for some reason.

Smart-arsed regards


Yes I can drive GPIOs. I have several available

Configuration is similar to 52/4200/3200. I just removed all the parts not supported/implemented for the 2200.

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So if it comes down to the last resort, fader start still were possible by employing a USB interface like arcade game controller, Velleman K8055 or I/O Warrior.

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Edit: So no need for these, obviously. Great! Happy fader starting!

So can I connect my GPIO outputs to an interface and simply connect my interface to Mairlist?

You could, yes, but should only do if this procedure (reduced to the fader start and PFL portions) fails for technical reasons. Involving the GPIOs means paying for and fiddling with additional hardware and is essentially meant to act as a contingency.

Almost-forgotten regards


So much confusion in this thread :wink:

To answer the original question, how to configure faderstart for the RM2200D:

  • Add RM2200D in remote control section in mAirList
  • Enter IP
  • On the “Players” tab, enter the fader number (or Audio Source ID, alternatively) for each player

That’s it.


And if I want to configure fader start for cartplayer ?

I will test your method soon

Excuse me, but in the Home Studio version, I can’t add a ip no ?

The Home Studio Edition is not prepared for direct remote control of analog or digital mixers.
I thought I told you before in your support request.

And in this case ? If I am a user of the home version and I want to use a DHD console, it is impossible?

You will receive an answer from mAirList support on your support ticket.
We won’t discuss that in public.

The only thing I can tell, is: It’s no free christmas gift.

When will I receive the message?

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I note above all, that you charge 1000 € for software to an individual who just wants to connect this DHD.