How can I use mAirList fail-safe on redundant systems?

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Here we have two different redundant solution : (even if th first one is not a redundant solution… just a broadcast continuity)

  • a backup playlist on our icecast server. so we have just to disconnect the encoder.
  • a second computer with mairlist and we can launch the playlist with the same database when we want to update the first computer.
    So in terms of time of the day and numbers of listeners, I decide to switch first solution of second one.
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Solution 1 is currently not possible, because icecast is currently running on the same server. Requires therefore also a hardware change.
To the second solution, couldyou provide me with some additional information?
Is it just a separate machine or are they automatically synchonized and you you switch from one to the other?

our installation is made up of 3 computers

  • 1 for direct
  • 1 for the production
  • 1 for the stream
    Note that the prod can also serve as direct and the direct can serve as a stream.
    And each computer is connected to the DANTE console on which the microphones are also connected.
    Since I am the one who decides when I execute the updates, then I just have to stop the live streaming and start from the next track on the prod.
    As the outgoing stream to the icecast server is managed by a third computer, I have no dropouts.

All this is obviously in the same local network and each computer accesses the SQL database which is hosted on our NAS.

When I need to update the computer which manages the stream, then, in this case, I start another encoder which is on the direct computer and it connects as soon as the other disconnects. It creates a slight dropout but does not impact the diffusion.
Well, the downside of my system is that the sound console has been on 24 hours a day for 5 years now.

Which brand? Digital or analogue?

Digital : Yamaha 01v96i


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To understand it a little bit better, direct means in this case online, creates the stream. Produktion can be used to create offline parts.
And you have only one stream server (maybe icecast) whereusually direct sends the sound to the stream server. But for update, you switch the function between direct und production.
Is this right?

Yes it’s something like that