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Hello I own Mairlist Home Edition for my personal enjoyment. I have a question regarding hours template. When I create my clock, announcement time + music blocks that I separated into 4 blocks of 15 minutes.
I put Backtimed on the hourly signal and the 4 music blocks to finish at h + 00. The software creates playlists with a song or two before the start of the hour and the playlist does not start at h00 but at h-55 for example.
If I put normal on the hourly signal and the first block of music and I put Backtimed on the following blocks of music 2,3,4, the playlist starts well at h + 00 and ends well at h + 59.59. Why ?
Another question sometimes by putting the backtimed the broadcaster makes silence of a few seconds between 2 songs sometimes.
There is no silence in normal mode on the time clock.
Sorry for my approximate English, I am French.

Hello, i wanted also to have answers about playlist, this is a great software, but the big problem is at the end of the hour, lot of listeners tell me , they don t like when a song begin at 59mn, and you have just one minute.How can we do to have a song who begin at 57mn , to have 3minutes of song?sometimes we have 3 minutes, sometimes 30 secondes.I can t check 24 hours , too muck work.
Thaks for anwers

Have a look at this post:

Hello thank you for your answer, indeed in order not to have a title cut at the end of the hour, you have to use the backtime, I understood correctly.
But my problem is when I put all the elements in backtime the time does not start at 00 hrs but sometimes h-55 see 53 for example.
To avoid this, I found a solution to put the first elements in fixed mode towards the next event.
As I am a new forum user I can’t post images of the bug.