Hour announcement in News Container

Dear radio people,
I would like to have different hour announcement for every hour in the news container. So i thought to be smart… :grimacing: . But it doesn’t work out the way I thought.
This is what i did:

  1. I have 12 hour announcements and put a hour restriction on every file.
  2. Import them in a container and dragged and dropped the hour container in News Container>Imaging>Opener. But it played all the hour openers in 1 time before the News.
  3. Then I removed it and placed all the files in the content before the news file, still thinking it would only playing the hour announcement for that hour. But it was still playing every hour announcement.

So this is apparently not working. Is there a way to get this working ?
Thank you in advanced for your reply/help.

Nobody who solved the same problem?

Its better to define the Hour Annuncement in the Hour Template before the News starts as a seperate item inside of it.
Maybe the first item.
Use a vitual Folder or a seperate existing Folder only for the Annuncements and restrict each File to the right playtime.
In the Hour Template use the option “Random from a Folder” ( i dont know the right Name in Englisch ) and select the Folder where only the Annuncements are inside.

I hope i can help.

@PIDI I reallize this is a very old topic, but maybe it answers your question about the Time - or Hour Announcements. Still works like a charm, for me:


Hello TomJumbo83 & Adriaan,
It is always nice to get/give help and a response. Thank you both for your responce. I will dive into your solotions this weekend.

Hello TomJumbo & Adrian,
The reply & link was very helpful. Thank you! :pray: It is working right now.
My fallacy was that i was thinking you could place all newsfiles in the newscontainer.

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