Exclude playlist from logging?

is it possible to exclude specific playlist from logging?
I use 3 playlists in my setup, but for a reason I would need just playlists 1 and 3 to be logged. Is that possible?
Thank you.

It’s a per-player setting, in the player options.

Thank you Torben,
this will help a lot.
But I was thinking about the possibility to have more logs (actually 2 - one for the IPR agency and the other for info on the website), where the first one would include items played from all players (playlists) and the second one just from playlists 1 and 3 (or their respective players). We use the playlist 2 for music beds, which I need to include in the IPR log, but don’t want it to be displayed on the website. So is there another possibility to accomplish this except e.g. exclude some Item types in the logging configuration?

Another related question: is it possible to log an information, from which player an item was played?


Wouldn’t the item type filter be the natural way to do this?

Player info is not included in the logging data, sorry. It’s just not available at the point where the log info is created, due to asynchronous processing.

Another related question: is it possible to log an information, from which player an item was played?

We’ve had this topic elsewhere in the forum recently. This here should work:

procedure OnRuntimeDataChange(Player, Value: string);

procedure OnPlayerStart(PlaylistIndex: integer; PlayerIndex: integer; Item: IPlaylistItem);
if PlayerIndex = 0 then begin
  SetRuntimeData('Player', 'A');
else if PlayerIndex = 1 then begin
  SetRuntimeData('Player', 'B');

Logging takes place with


Logged regards


Thank you very much, Tondose! I will look at it.

Wouldn't the item type filter be the natural way to do this?
Yes, sure, Torben. I was just thinking about simplyfying situation for me, before I fully categorize our database, being converted from our older system.

Maybe you should have a look at the hyphens in


whether they should be omitted, like


or not – I actually don’t know.

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Edit: Hyphens --> quotes! ::slight_smile: Thank you, Torben!

Without the quotes.

Thank you, it works!
Nevertheless, would it be possible to log a filename of the playlist, from which an item is played?

We should find the filename somewhere to achieve this. Maybe (!) this here works:

procedure SavePlaylist ( iPlaylist : IPlaylist ; iFilename : string ; iProgressIndicator : IProgressIndicator );
SetRuntimeData('Playlist', 'iFilename');

Logging with


This is untested, just have an attempt at it and report. If I am toltally wrong, I apologize.

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Thank you very much Tondose!
Unfortunately, for the time being, I was not able to get it to work (maybe my bad implementation - I have some experience with scripting, but not yet familiar with the mAirList integration).
However, after reading this thread https://community.mairlist.com/t/get-filename-of-playlist/7363, I started to doubt a little bit, if it is even possible. But I know it is an old thread and maybe the things could change in between?

Oh, thank you for this clue. This surely does not depend on you implementation but on my, I admit, lacking experience. Maybe you want to try something like

SetRuntimeData('Playlist', Engine.GetDesktopFilename)

With or without quotes? *sigh* Try it out. I’m still having trouble with the syntax. But the solution should (if it does work at all) travel around this very parameter. Over to the CEO, please.

Resigning regards


I have finally managed to try it, but I am getting errors:

Unknown identifier 'Engine'

Desktop support was dropped in v6, and the name of the loaded playlist cannot be access from a script currently.

Thank you Torben for the information. Is there any chance that the playlist name could be accessible in the future?

Nevertheless: At least I can now successfully log information, from which playlist player an item was played. It seems to work fine except the situation, when the item is played from the Cartwall. In that case, the item is logged, as if it was played from the last used playlist player. I have tried to include following code in my backgroud script, but it did not help:

procedure OnCartwallPlayerStart(PlayerIndex: integer; Item: IAudioCartwallItem; PlaylistItem: IPlaylistItem);
SetRuntimeData(‘Player’, ‘CART’);

How about

SetRuntimeData(Player, 'CART');

(without the quotes, like above)? Otherwise, this is exactly the way I should approach this myself.

Deleted regards