Get Filename of Playlist..

Is there a way that I can grab the filename of the current playlist. I’ve navigated my through the inheritances of mAirListScript.chm and I can save the file, load the file, but I can’t seem to find any variable or function that would give me the current full filename of the loaded playlist. Have I overlooked something?

Thanks, Richard

The name of the loaded desktop file (as displayed in the main window titlebar) can be accessed through Engine.GetDesktopFilename.

When you only load playlist contents (through “Load playlist” etc.), mAirList does not remember file name at all.

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That is exactly what I want. Thanks.

Regarding mAirListScript.chm, the ability to search the actual chm appears disabled, (Display) but “List Topics” is enabled, except there are no topics in the index. Anyway would it be possible to turn the search help file feature on next time it’s compiled?