[encoder] no sound on master channel

Update :
after a reinstallation I get no sound on the master channel of the encoder, line-in does work correctly. What am I doing wrong?

na een herinstallatie krijg ik geen geluid meer op het masterkanaal van de encoder, line-in werkt wel correct. Wat doe ik verkeerd ?

Can any other device use the line in?
Have you selected the line input in the encoder section of Audio Devices in mairlist configuration?
Are you using Direct sound, Asio or waspi as some of these will need the record device set to line in too.

If you are using a Custom Screen Object to monitor the encoder status, then you have to select the line input button to couple the audio.

Kan een ander apparaat gebruikt u de lijn in?
Hebt u de Line-ingang in de sectie encoder van audioapparaten in mairlist configuratie gekozen?
Gebruikt u direct geluid, Asio of waspi zoals sommige van deze zal het record apparaat instellen op lijn in te moeten.

Als u gebruik maakt van een aangepaste Screen object de status encoder controleren, dan moet je de lijningang knop te koppelen van de audio te selecteren.

I have the problem of the Encoder can not solve. Now I made ​​a screenshot of the settings of the sound Mairlist. Maybe someone can help me through there.

The screenshots can be found in a. Rar file.


I hope someone can help with the solution.

I hope it as simple as this, but there is no Line Input selected on the encoder. I have put a red line next to the device.


If I change that unfortunately do see the channel line in run correctly. But the master channel transmitter not matter.

If I understand you now have audio selected on the Line Input, but it does not show on the master tab in the sound processing of the encoder.

To couple the audio to the encoder I use a custom screen object in the GUI titled “streaming encoder status”. This has a Line button that has to be selected by clicking the mouse to connect the audio to the encoder.

How do you control your encoder?

You want the settings of my Encoder me know?

The Encoder’d like to start broadcasting, only he does not sound by


Any Dutch users able to help here?

Some kind of timeout waiting for device…

Allan, temp. solved it by going to the config pane > Audio devices.
Here choose another input and hit apply, now change the input back to what it should be… Apply & OK.

Should be working then.

Maybe there is some other fix for it, but did not see one yet.


Soundcard error.jpg

Never seen this before. Maybe the input doesn’t work until the output is initialized? Don’t know…

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