Download error in License Manager


After a Windows 10 update I had to reactivate my license. I followed the steps and opebned my mAirlistr License Manager, selected my Home Studio license, clicked on Download and filled user and password and OK, but I get a mAirlist Download Error.
“The error stated: Download error: error connecting with SSL. error: 1409442E:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:tlsv 1 elert protocol version”.

Someone an idea what to do? I am not able to run mAirlist now, only the demo version. Previously I did not have any issues with renewing the license. I use Windows 10/ Google Chrome.

Please download mAirList version 5.3.17 ( if you have an older version and try again.


I downloaded and installed 5.3.17 but I get the same error.
Any other advice?


Is it possible that it works right now (one minute ago)?

No, same error still appears.

(continued by mAirList support in internal system)