Change SVG Picture State to Active SVG Picture?

Hi @UliNobbe & @Torben,

I have question about change button normal state SVG to button Active state SVG?

Player  button normal
This is the nomal state of not playing anything.

If the player is playing I want to change the normal start.svg to this one:

Is this possible?

I know you can change the ButtonColor to ActiveColor this is the same I want to reach normal.svg to active.svg

thanks, Frank

The image is fixed for all states. Only the background color can be configured.

Hi @Torben & @uli.mairlist ,

Thanks for the reply! I know now that it is not possible.


Hi Everyone,

I was working on the Icons of the players in normal state and active state, I made by my self transparant Svg buttons.


Maybe others on the forum want to use this feature also. (See the result in the pictures)

1: StartbuttonColor: Darkgrey
2: StartbuttonActiveColor: Blue or Green

Normal state:

Active state:

Have fun, Cheers!

I was wondering where to place these svg files for the player buttons.
If I remember correctly, in version 6 I only had to create a folder called ‘images’ in which to place them. however this doesn’t seem to work in version 7? should a subfolder be created for this? or are the filenames incorrect?
Yes, I know that from version 7 we work with svg files, so I also have svg files available.

I hope someone can explain briefly what the exact filenames and location should be for the svg files of the player buttons.

Here is a link to an explanation in german:

Would you please be so kind to use a translator to figure it out in your language?
Thank you.

@uli.mairlist Thx. I found them.

@Torben: Two questions on behalf of this topic:

  1. Is there (ore will there be) any way to refresh the icons at runtime?

  2. Were it possible to define some custom icons folder in the (nearer?) future? (The current folder needs administrator rights to handle.)

EDIT: I withdraw above questions as my plan would imply that the icons could be changed for each player individually. And I don’t see that.