Cd Ripper!


First of all A happy New Year!.

I had question, I have a big cd collection at home and i want to put it in the database of Mairlist.
For I begin with it, Is it be a option to build a cd ripper in site the database of Mairlist.
It’s maybe a big option for everybody!.



Frank: You need to remember that mAirList is principally PLAYOUT software.

mAirList does not contain features like audio editors, CD rippers, etc.: partly because there are already many excellent programs to do these jobs (why should Torben “re-invent the wheel” when he could instead be working on more relevant mAirList features?), and partly because mAirList is not intended to be a “one application does everything” application (that’s why programs like Microsoft Word are so massive, and most Word users don’t use more than maybe 20% of the features built-in).

If you have a large number of CDs to rip, I would strongly recommend that you use a purpose-built CD ripping program. There are a large number of freeware CD rippers, but most of these (and most paid-for ripping programs) will leave the two-second gap at the end of tracks. If you purchase the registered ‘PowerPack and mp3 licence’ version of dbPowerAmp (a measly $24), you will be able to use the ‘silence removal’ option to ensure that these gaps are deleted as part of the ripping process. If that doesn’t bother you (or if you want to use the mAirList AutoCue function to set CueOut points which will ‘remove’ the silences), then I would still recommend the non-registered version of dbPowerAmp. It contains excellent error correction, and will typically ‘recognise’ your CDs so that you don’t have to type in all the album, artist, and track details*. You can also easily rip several tracks as one if you need to (CDs of BBC radio programmes like ‘The Navy Lark’ require this).

You can read more about dbPowerAmp here: I have no connection to dbPowerAmp other than as a VERY satisfied customer. I bought it several years ago (and I upgrade to each new newer version at no extra cost) and it has never EVER produced a ‘bad’ rip. It has successfully ripped every CD I’ve tried, even the scratched ones. This is essential for those rare or ‘irreplacable’ CDs which all of us own.

[* I just double-checked: the data access for this lasts for 30 days unless you register.]


That would be too much work right now, and there is excellent 3rd party ripping software. I’m using CDex for example. Just let the software rip the CDs into your storage directory, click Synchronize in mAirListDB, and you’re done.


Thanks for the reply, I though it would be a awsome feature!.

I’m gonna check the rippers you called.



Additionally I can suggest Audiograbber, a small german tool.

Audiograbber works well IF your CDs are undamaged, but I found that it had problems with some (slightly damaged) CDs. That was what prompted me to find an alternative, and preferably one which would AUTOMATICALLY remove the annoying two-second silence at the end of most CD tracks (and hence, dbPowerAmp).

It still amazes me that dbPowerAmp is still (as far as I know?) the only CD ripping program which can remove the silence at the end of tracks. I know that Audiograbber has a ‘trim’ feature, but I found it somewhat unreliable. Also, when I checked just now, the (English) Audiograbber home site appears to have been closed?


You can try this one, too: