Cartwall tabs

Hi Torben

Ive been looking through the config, so am sure its not currently an option…

Is there any chance of a modification to the cartwall, so that the different walls of carts are shown on tabs at the top, like you can with the browser. This would be extremely useful for me as its much quicker i feel to use it this way around.

On the subject of the cart wall, do you think that you would be able to have an option so that all carts backing are plain grey and then via a right click we can colour the cart buttons in. this would in effect be the cart button being coloured and not a colour being added to the file, so that if loaded in a playlist it doesnt have a colour attached.

what would be good is that if refreshed (new file added to button) the colour would return to plain.

One final note, i had mentioned before that if i skip between sheet A on the cartwall and sheet B, if i return to A, a file that i added to A has disappeared. is it possible for an option that it remembers whats on the page?

Many thanks

You can have your favourite Cartwall sets in the Favourites dropdown box. My only issue with that is that’s it not very touchscreen-friendly. When switching between sets - You must save them for newly added buttons to be remembered the next time you load it.

I’m quite fond of the VCS dira! cartwall - very easy to use with a touchscreen… Presets are stored on the right, and you add further Players which can interface to individual faders. You can “pick up” the buttons and drop them into the Players, too.

That looks great.

It is that sort of ease of loading a sheet of carts that i am after. i know about having the favourites drop down box and it is that which i want to be tabs to load. Do we think this is possible???

Is there also any chance of an option that when a cartwall is saved, it automatically appears in the favourites section for quick easy loading in future?

I suppose another idea could be that we could have an auto function for the cart wall, so that we have the option to play carts individually or play them so when another cart is started, the previous one fades out.

Is there a way we could have a cart PLAYER, like the one on the screenshot and also the ability to have more than one player.

Finally, how easy is it to allow a drag/drop facility. currently we can drag and drop onto the cartwall. it would be most useful if we could drag from the cartwall onto a playlist.

Any thoughts.

Yes: a bit like JazlerShow! in fact. :wink:

That’s a Torben question, but it doesn’t seem too difficult to automate tabs corresponding to the items in your Cartwall Favourites folder … unless you have a LOT of MCS files in it. :-\ Personally I would prefer the option of a series of vertically stacked buttons rather than a tab strip.

If you do your config. correctly, that will happen in the existing mAirList. Make sure that a) your Cartwall, Favourites directory is correctly set in Config; b) you have a DefaultDirectories.ini file in your config folder (with the Cartwall defaults set to the same folder as Favourites in config). This should ensure that when you click to Save a cartwall set, it will by default go into the correct (= Favourites) directory.

You can already do this with a TRIGGER set on cart #2 to FADEOUT cart #1; or you can do it wth an Action On Start (which is similar, but not exactly the same thing). Whichever method you use (a TRIGGER is more visible ;)), it’s advisable to manually set the Fade Duration of cart #1 to approx 700 mS.

Funnily enough, that’s something I have requested before. :slight_smile:


great. thanks for your reply.

either tabs or a vertical strip would be useful. or maybe the option for both…

Not a big deal. What should the strip look like? A simple list?

Something a finger can select 8)

I will prepare this option for mAirList 3.0. Here’s a little screenshot from what I implemented so far. In this setup, the old drop-down box is replaced by a tab strip at the bottom of the cartwall. The drop-down box is still available, you can even enable both options at the same time.


Torben, like this a lot.

Kind regards Tony

looking good.

only thing i would say is could we make them slightly larger.

For those using a touch screen monitor, these would be hard to touch.

i guess the ideal size would be the size of a thumbnail really.

Many thanks torben


There will be a skin.ini setting (Cartwall -> TabFontSize).



I really dislike tab strips as such. The tabs are usually ‘too big,’ ‘too small,’ or are all different widths; plus I personally find items in a horizontal row much more difficult to read than items in a vertical list. That is why my Windows taskbar is vertical not horizontal:
(screen shot, ‘telescoped’ vertically) This lives at the right edge of my screen, just as in this posting. It means that I can ALWAYS see enough of EVERY button’s text to know precisely which window it is: none of the dreaded ‘shrinking buttons’ as I start more applications! ;D

This was the type of vertical ‘button/tab strip’ I was hoping for.

I don’t know which TabStrip control Torben is using, but if the control has the capability, maybe Torben could add a ‘horizontal/vertical’ option so that it could display itself vertically, similar to my screen shot above? And could we have a ‘place left/right of Cartwall players’ option as well, pretty please? :-*

If that’s not possible, then could we please have the option to display the ‘Cartwall TabStrip’ below OR above the Cartwall players (Firefox users will want it ‘above;’ Excel users will want it ‘below’ as in Torben’s screen shot :wink: ).


Like this?


PERFECT! Even better if the ‘button strip’ can be displayed to the right of the cart players instead of to their left, but yes that is precisely what I was thinking of: THANK YOU!

A couple of questions:

  • I assume the font size of those buttons can be set?
  • Can the button Captions word-wrap on to 2 or more lines?
  • If word-wrap is possible, can the buttons ‘expand’ vertically to fit the Captions?

If #2 and #3 are both true, then Charlie could have the ‘chunky’ buttons he needs for touch screen operation.
(re touch screens: a commercial UK radio station removed all their touch screens from the studios after a DJ decided his computer screen was a bit dirty, and gave it a wipe with a cloth :o … guess what happened next? :D)


Unfortunately, the component (TButtonGroup from Delphi 2006) does not seem to support #2 and #3. But the font size can be changed, sure, as can the position.

This looks great.

looking forward to having a play with it.

What do you think of the idea of seeing a player for the carts. similarly to the screenshot that was added.

The other thing i was going to ask was whether there is a way of adding 2 cartwalls. the reason being i could add a bar of carts on the main player window, which can house station idents, then a seperate cartwall which presenters can then use for personal stuff.

thanks torben.

Just for info, the “player for the carts” on the VCS example I posted is actually a standalone player. You can configure several players (BBC Radio 1 have 4 players under their Cartwall, to 4 faders). You can use the Cartwall in “instant” mode (ie: press a button, it plays), and/or collect Cartwall buttons and drag ‘n’ drop into a player. It’s actually quite a confusing layout as they (Radio 1) have 4 faders on the left desk for the Cartwall and 3 faders on the right for the actual Playlist side of things.

Admittedly, it’s a nice GUI :slight_smile:

so does that mean it is or it isnt possible to add a player(s) to the cartwall?

A specific Cartwall player will be a ‘Torben question,’ so you will need to wait for him to reply.